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Eloy City Council Incumbent George Reuter: “It is up to us.”

Alexis Young

George Reuter, city council incumbent.Courtesy of George Reuter.

By Alexis Young / NewsBreak Pinal County, AZ

Eloy City Council incumbent George Reuter is running for re-election. With an eventful term over the last four years and a desire to “bring back pride in [Eloy’s] constituents,” his main aim is Eloy’s progress — even if comes without a seat on City Council. 

According to Reuter, he managed to reduce restaurant taxes, enhance illegal dumping enforcement, introduced animal control’s “no kill” policy, improve airport accessibility and more. If given the chance to continue his service, he says his re-election would bring his focus to Eloy’s housing and employment opportunities.

Though Reuter has an extensive background in security and law enforcement from his days on German police forces to protecting politicians like Clinton, Bush and Obama, his experiences as a migrant businessman inspired his initial campaign in 2018. Reuter explained that the cohort of officials elected in 2018 brought about changes in Eloy’s city government.

“We created a new dynamic,” Reuter expounded. 

Between Micah Powell and other 2018 elected officials, Eloy voters ushered in a younger council of representatives that featured Eloy transplants, not just natives. Though Reuter, a Luxembourg native, touched on receiving a few “‘you’re not a real American,’” comments, he maintains that working across the aisle to find middle ground is the way to go. 

“I support 40% democrats ideas, 50% republican and 10% independent,” he guesstimated. “I made those [percentages] up, I’m saying I’m a mix. […] I think 85% of the people are in the middle.”

In working together Reuter aided the reclamation of City Council’s power. Reuter said offices within Eloy’s small government system were heavily operated by a diverse Good Ole Boys club. 

“We had people on the council since 18 years,” Reuter exclaimed. “Can you imagine? That’s a dictatorship.”

After taking the time to point out that the Mayor only had one vote and no veto power, in a public meeting, Reuter said the event inspired city council members to revise city code. While, he said, members had issues getting previous Mayors to add their ideas to meeting agendas, Reuter helped create policies that allow items to be immediately added to the agenda with the vote of a sponsor and co-sponsor. 

Reuter told Newsbreak, “politics is compromise.” Even though he does not care for certain policies —if he knows it is preferred by his constituents — Reuter said he’ll vote for it anyway.

With his reason for running, his business Firebird USA, growing to scale, Reuter said a potential third term would only be considered if he feels there’s no other option.

“If people come and try to  over promise and try to just represent one side, I will run again,” Reuter spoke candidly. 

But in any role he holds he said change, “is up to us [Eloy citizens].”

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