KoR Skin Care: A new natural skincare company that will transform your skin, the right way


If there’s anything our skin definitely doesn’t need this year, it’s a bunch of harmful chemicals to add stress and damage to our bodies. That’s why I am currently loving using KoR Skin Care products — a new female-owned small business that just launched in the second half of this year!

KoR has already been featured in major publications including Vanity Fair and Good Homes Mag (amazing job, ladies!) and is sure to get more press as word spreads about their transformative and natural products. Follow the brand on Instagram to stay up to date on new press, products, and deals!

I’ve been using KoR’s two foundational products — the Rejuvenation Oil and the Pure and Bright Mask — for about 10 months now, and my skin has never been better. Not only because the natural and nourishing ingredients have done wonders to keep my face hydrated and reduce breakouts, but also because these two simple products have replaced all the other skincare products (many with ingredients I can’t even pronounce) I’d been piling on top of my skin in the past.

These are the perfect Christmas and holiday gifts this year, and you can bet that my mom and girlfriends will all be getting some of these products from me!


The Products

KoR started with its two main, proven face products, so you can rest assured that a tremendous amount of time, energy, and attention went into perfecting these incredible products. I’ve used both of them for almost a year now as I had early access to the products, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen. These products have changed my skin and I am never going back!

I know new products are in the works, so stay tuned because they will surely be just as amazing!

Rejuvenation Oil

Welcome to the Holy Grail of skin care moisturizing solutions. There’s a very good chance that after using this face oil for a few weeks, you will say goodbye to all other lotions, oils, and moisturizers in your life. 

This unique formula is super-charged with 17 natural oils, including broccoli seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, and camellia seed oil — all proven natural moisturizing and anti-aging agents —  and Coenzyme Q10 to nourish your skin naturally while protecting against free radical damage.

The website says this product will “give you back your glow” and I can personally vouch for that. Even the golden color of the oil leaves your skin feeling light, healthy, and sunkissed.

The Rejuvenation Oil is intended for daily use, and I will typically apply 3-4 drops to my face in the morning and before bed.


Pure and Bright Mask

This charcoal face mask is your weekly skin detox. It is formulated with natural clays and powders including activated charcoal, French green clay, Bentonite clay powder, and ginseng for anti-aging, all working together to detox, brighten, and tighten your skin. The charcoal draws out any impurities, helps close pores, and helps your skin look younger and brighter. 

I use it weekly, and sometimes several times a week if I’m feeling the need for a skin refresher or if I’m having some breakouts. The difference is incredible and I can notice a change immediately after rinsing the mask off my face!

This mask is unlike other face masks, in that it comes in a black powder form. Just add a little water in a small dish or in the palm of your hand, and then mix until it becomes a paste. This keeps the ingredients in their most active and fresh form, and I love the little ritual of mixing this mask before applying it to my skin.

Apply a thin layer to your face and neck, let dry for 15 minutes (although I sometimes love leaving it on longer), and then remove with warm water. I promise your skin will feel cleaner, tighter, and brighter after using this product! It’s become the only face mask I use and my go-to remedy when my skin is feeling a bit blah and in need of some life. 



The KoR Skin Care Story

KoR Skin Care was founded by two London-based sisters: Charlotte and Hayley. Charlotte’s has both beauty and science backgrounds, working in a botanical hair and beauty salon and then continuing on to pursue her interest in the world of science.

Charlotte found herself coaching science apprentices in the laboratory, where she saw first-hand toxic and harmful ingredients included in the formulations of every-day cosmetics for enterprise companies.  This eye-opening experience prompted Charlotte to use her skillset to be a part of the natural and non-toxic cosmetic movement. She deep dove into understanding toxic ingredients, and enrolled onto a Diploma in Natural Skin Care. From there, KoR Skin Care was born.

KoR Skin Care was further brought to life by Hayley’s creative vision and photography background. She has a brilliant eye and imaginative mind that captures KoR Skin Care’s values and personality in the artwork that you can see on their website, Instagram, and marketing materials. Hayley works with beauty bloggers, influencers, and magazines across the world to showcase their beautiful brand. 

The belief behind KoR Skin Care is that what you put in and onto our bodies should nourish naturally. Our daily skin care routine should set the tone to be conscious of the products we use, while still being a luxurious, pampering experience to allow us to decompress from the world.

I love that whenever I put KoR Skin Care products on my face, I know with confidence that I’m not using any chemicals, synthetics, bulking agents, toxic ingredients, or anything I can’t pronounce or find in nature. And to top it off, all the KoR Skin Care products are cruelty free and vegan, and the packaging is made from recyclable materials. It’s conscious and compassionate through and through.

Plus, it’s nice to know that KoR Skin Care’s products are hand-crafted with sisterly love in small batches, using the company’s own unique nourishing formulas. No massive factories, warehouses, or wasteful production centers, where labor practices are suspect and the quality and content of ingredients can be compromised. Unlike giant skin care companies, KoR uses a mixture of natural oils, butters, antioxidants, and intracellular and cell communicating ingredients.

Transparency is key, so you can find a list of each beautiful ingredient on the KoR website, or on the back of your products. No hidden additives or foreign chemicals!


Pricing & Shipping

The Pure and Bright Mask and Rejuvenation Oil are priced at $30 USD and $50 USD, respectively. They are on par with luxury major skin care products in the quality of their ingredients and formulas, and beautiful packaging and labeling, but with the added benefits of being natural, non-toxic, vegan, and packaged in recycled materials. So, you’ll know your money is being spent in a transparent, ethical way. Plus, you’ll be directly supporting female-owned small businesses this year, which I know we can all get behind!

KoR Skin Care currently ships to UK, United States, and EU addresses through Royal Mail.

Trust me, this is the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for the women (or skincare-loving men!) in your life, and you’ll definitely want to pick up a few products for yourself, too!


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