Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S now support Discord voice chat

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Discord audio chat is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

On all Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles, Discord audio chats are now available following an Insider beta test that started in July. Users of Discord on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices can join the same voice channels thanks to the integration. To get started, you must first link your Xbox and Discord accounts. You'll need to repeat this step if you already performed it to grant your Discord contacts access to your Gamertag because the integration needs the new voice permissions. The challenging portion follows after that.

When you use Discord on Xbox, the voice conversation and you are transferred from the platform to the console. As a result, joining a call directly from an Xbox is not possible. Instead, you'll need to start your talks on a desktop or mobile device, then transfer the call using the Discord and Xbox apps. After linking your accounts, Discord will add a new "Join on Xbox" button that you can use to start the process. When you tap the button, the Xbox app for your phone will launch and ask you on which console you want to continue your chat.

Although the implementation is not the most user-friendly, it might get better with time. Regarding the integration, Discord said, "We look forward to continuing our partnership to build even richer, more significant experiences for your friends and communities. In agreement, Microsoft expressed its eagerness "to deliver more Discord experiences on Xbox in the future."

How to install Discord on the Xbox One and Xbox X/S?

Discord is now available on Xbox platforms, making it simpler to talk to your friends and play games with them. Make sure Discord is installed and configured correctly to enable audio chat if you wish to utilize the service on your Xbox console. This guide explains how to install Discord on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

How to connect Discord to your Xbox games console?

When Discord installed on your Xbox, you can utilize your microphone to speak with your pals while playing games, jump into a voice channel, and join a group call. However, there are two things you must complete before you may try joining a channel with your pals. The first step is to register for a Discord account. On Discord's website, you can. The Xbox program can then be downloaded to your smartphone device from the Google Play or the Apple store if you wish to make subsequent steps easier.

The next step is to turn on your Xbox console and press down the sizable Xbox icon in the middle of your controller once you have your Discord account. The system menu for the Xbox will then appear. Go to the Profile & System Page, scroll to the right, then select the Settings option. When you click on it, a number of choices for modifying your Xbox account should become available. The next step is to click the Linked Social Accounts link under the Account tab. If your account has a profile password, you might need to enter it.

You can connect your Xbox account to a variety of social media accounts. If you've downloaded the Xbox app, you may scan the QR code on the left to link your accounts. The first choice on this list should be Discord. You must first log into your Xbox account and then your Discord account after clicking the link there. For those who are using the Xbox smartphone app, there will be another QR code on this page that you can scan. You can select to join a call from your Xbox while using it in Discord if your account is linked to your Xbox console.

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