Pikmin 4 has been Announced for the Nintendo Switch

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The Pikmin series is finally continuing ten years after the previous mainline game was released, with the release of Pikmin 4 for Switch.

Nintendo stated during the most recent Nintendo Direct that Pikmin 4 is real and coming to the Switch. This was one of the games left in limbo by the June Nintendo Direct, as many players lamented the lack of news about a new release in the beloved series.

Players have been wondering when Nintendo would release Pikmin 4 and have been waiting with bated breath almost since the release of its previous flagship title. While this may be perplexing to people who have never played the games, those who have are often taken in by the compelling gameplay and vivid worlds of Pikmin.

Pikmin 4's announcement is accompanied with a small trailer for the game. The title displays little more than a setting with large benches and small fences, a mishmash of items that don't appear to belong. Having said that, the graphics and setting are lovely and vivid, with plenty of plantlife and delightful monsters. In this scenario, there are two Bulbaxs walking around and one resting beside a watch. Finally, the release date revealed that Pikmin 4 will be released a decade after Pikmin 3.

Though no gameplay was demonstrated, it may be safely assumed that it would resemble those of prior Pikmin games. This implies that players can anticipate leading sizable Pikmin squads as they travel across a strange new area, gather resources to try to build their home base, and use overwhelming numbers to fend off monsters. It's possible that new features, such as Pikmin Bloom's personalization options, will also be included in the game.

Every Pikmin title's plot centers on locating a necessary item while on the Pikmin's home planet, from food to spaceship parts. New characters that are unfamiliar with the enigmatic and highly oxygenated world of the Pikmin are also introduced in each new title. One thing that will probably keep Pikmin 4 apart from games like Pikmin Bloom and its human community-based gameplay and prizes are these distinctive characters.

There are a few things new Pikmin players should be prepared for, especially if they have recently played Tinykin, a game that is sometimes compared to Pikmin. Pikmin varies from Tinykin in that it has a time limit, fewer NPCs, and conflicts that call for the effective use of Pikmin that have been obtained. Don't let the lovely location mistake you; Pikmin can be extremely stressful.

In 2023, Pikmin 4 will be made available on the Nintendo Switch.

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