BeReal Might Be The Future Of Social Media

Alex Rosado

BeReal is a social media app available since July 2022 in the United States. Named “anti-Instagram,” the concept of this social media is very simple: the user receives alerts at random times once a day. The user has two minutes to take pictures from his phone’s front and back camera and post them.

The aim is to show life as it is through candid pictures and no filters. In short, it’s the chance for people to be honest. It goes hand in hand with the changes happening in the social media world. More people criticize the lack of realism online and its toll on their mental health.

Indeed, it can be hard to witness people living the life you wish you had — especially at a young age. Teenagers are the first victims of social media as they try to fit in while exploring their personalities. It takes time to be able to set boundaries and find uplifting and educating content that makes us feel good.

In general, social media are called out for having a negative impact on society. Too many people are obsessed with following the latest trend, even if it can be harmful, buying the clothes everyone is wearing, no matter the human or ecological cost, or traveling to an “Instagram” hot spot, damaging natural spaces as they go.

Social media has made wanna-be photographs and video creators out of us all. And I don’t know about you, but at times I still have trouble remembering that what I see isn’t necessarily people’s real lives. We post our highs, not our downs. Social media are not so much about connecting anymore as it is about showing off or creating and monetizing content.

This is what is different with BeReal. It’s not about showing the entire world pretty lies but sharing real pictures with people you know. There are no influences, no brands; no silly music everybody is using. It’s just you. The real you.

I have yet to join the app but I probably will. It can be a fun way to connect or reconnect with people through real pictures of life, showing how messy, random or boring it can be for everybody.

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