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For many home renovators, Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets have been interior design lifesavers time and time again!

They are very easy to put together, come at very affordable costs, and can be purchased in a variety of shades. But what will the best cabinet color be for your specific design projects?

Let’s take a look at some contemporary color principles that will help you to decide.

1. White

White never really lost its popularity, even though many go for bold and fancy colors nowadays. However, lots of people like the simplicity that white cabinets give, while they also create the impression of a bigger space - which means white is the perfect color choice for smaller kitchens.

Plus, as the expert designer Sarah Davies from Floella Interiors says, ‘White cabinets are great for giving you that fresh clean minimal look, but they also represent a great backdrop for layering up color and texture.’

2. Turquoise

For those looking to add a splash of color to their home, turquoise is back on the menu.

This shade is very calming while it also creates an impression of space. And as more and more people work from home and therefore spend extra time indoors, they may wish to consider using turquoise colors to help bring the sky and the sea inside their walls.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, turquoise RTA cabinets are a great way to bring peace and tranquility to your heart while you cook!

3. Dual Tone

Monochromatic cabinets are great if you like only one color decorating the furnishings. However, dual-colored cabinets are popular too, and will give you lots of fun as you mix and match things to suit your tastes.

For example, you may go for wood-finish cabinets around the perimeter of your kitchen, and then choose a bold-colored section in the center. Or perhaps you’ll choose a color such as blue for your lower cabinets and white for the upper ones. This way, your RTA cabinets will complement each other without needing to be a matching color.

4. Red

Red cabinets are also very popular at the moment, due to their ability to create a statement in a room. If you’re looking to experiment in your home, this bolder shade will bring some life to your kitchen!

In contrast to whites, red colors work particularly well in larger kitchens, and are less suited to smaller rooms.

5. Black

Black cabinets are increasingly popular with younger generations of homeowners and renovators, such as millennials.

This shade is deep and impactful, which is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their color choices. It is also a great option if you have a large kitchen and want to make it feel cozier.

But if pure black sounds overwhelming to you, then you can choose to use black mixes or midnight blacks; these shades have blue or gray undertones that cut away the harshness of such a deep color.

6. Wood Colors And Taupe

Many people enjoy spending time in nature and feel like connecting with the great outdoors is essential. However, a lack of free time means they don’t get to do this often - not to mention that most people don’t have a forest near their house! But a good alternative is to mix woody shades with taupe to create a natural look with balanced tones.

As Bianca Betancourt from the FORM design team says, ‘White cabinets will always be a classic choice. However, I am beginning to replace white colors with taupe colors and occasionally mixing with wood tones. These color choices create a warm and inviting space with plenty of dimension.’

7. Dark Blue

Navy blue colors offer the perfect backdrop to make all your appliances pop!

Just make sure that the undertone of the cabinets matches the other fixtures in your kitchen, as warm undertones don’t really mix with the cool feel of dark blue colors, compromising their balance and calming ambience.

Pick The Perfect Colors For Your Lifestyle

The colors we are surrounded by will influence our mood, making it vital to ensure that your home has the correct design scheme to foster the feelings you want.

This is why you should fill your home as much as possible with colors you love, while taking care to design each room according to your tastes.

For your kitchen, you can accomplish this by choosing the right shade of RTA cabinet for your space. To help yourself make the best choice, consider reading some cabinet set reviews so that you can better understand the pros and cons of each set and how they will fit into your home.

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