How Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Business

Alex Belsey

Marketing strategies change over time. Whereas once businesspeople would have to rely on print, radio, and broadcast ads, the advent of the internet has made many more options available.

These include advertising on Facebook, which has roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users across the world, making it a powerful platform on which to reach audiences.

Here are some top ways you can use Facebook to help grow your business.

Optimize Your Business Profile

Creating a profile page for your business on Facebook allows you to regularly share information about your product and services with your audience.

Be sure to properly customize your page by adding your phone number, email address, business hours, physical address, and product selection. Link your Facebook Messenger with your page so that customers can message you directly.

Any product images you share on your page should be sufficiently eye-catching to grab your audience’s attention and appealing enough to encourage buyers to purchase from you.

Thankfully, software like Canva can help you create beautiful designs, while there are all kinds of online tools that will help you create the images you need. For example, many people struggle to remove backgrounds from images so they can use them in other designs, but there are several easy-to-use background eraser and photo editor apps that will get the job done for you.

Lastly, post engaging content and be sure to respond professionally to anyone who comments on your posts or sends you a message; this will help you build your brand and foster client loyalty.

Join Relevant Facebook Groups

Joining groups relevant to your business niche can help you get new customers.

Find and join groups with either your personal or business account, then once you are a member of a group, be active there. Participate in group conversations and add value to help make your business and brand more popular among the group members.

However, don’t hard-sell your products too much as this can get you kicked out of the groups!

Create Your Own Groups

Facebook allows you to create your own groups about topics that are relevant to your business. This can be a powerful tool to promote your business.

By starting a group and adding members to it who are in your target demographic, you have an audience of potential customers right at your fingertips.

To make the most of this opportunity, get the branding of the group right by using an online banner maker to produce cover images, profile pictures, and shareable graphics that will promote both your group and your business.

Lastly, consider how to use your group discussions to engage as many people in your group as possible and introduce them to your business in an organic way.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be a great option to boost your business.

List your products and pick the price you want to charge, then add keywords in product tags and post attractive product images. When you identify what products are selling best, add more of them to the platform and focus on promoting these items to maximize your revenues.

Facebook Ads

If you have the budget, Facebook ads are a very powerful tool to target specific audiences.

You can target people based on their location, age, interests, and behaviors; you can even advertise to the audience of your competitors.

With Facebook ads, you can promote your content, products, and brand to these highly targeted audiences – but using Facebook ads correctly is a skill and a science.

As a minimum, you should use attractive product images in your ads to catch the attention of the audience, while also writing well-optimised ad copy that has been carefully crafted to generate leads and sales.

Add The Facebook Messenger Chatbot To Your Business Page

The Facebook Messenger chatbot is a very helpful tool that will communicate with people for you in real-time.

You can configure pre-set conversations and responses that the chatbot will use when communicating with people, and you can use these to lead people into taking all kinds of valuable actions – such as giving you their contact info, booking an appointment, or scheduling a telephone call.

It can also answer frequently asked questions on its own, meaning that Messenger chatbots can help you to engage all potential customers, wherever they may be in your marketing funnel.

Allow Reviews On Your Business Page

About 93% of customers read reviews of a product before buying it, so allowing customers to leave reviews on your Facebook business page can help to build trust with new audiences.

Moreover, reviews can help you understand what customers think of your business. If you are lacking in some areas, customer reviews will alert you to this and provide valuable feedback that you can use to improve your service.

Therefore, allowing reviews on your business page is highly recommended.

Keep Consistent For Best Results

Millions of businesses have used Facebook to power their growth, with great success.

The array of options that Facebook offers you to build your brand and generate new leads and customers makes it a powerful business platform – but don’t be downhearted if you don’t see instant success.

Instead, remain patient and dedicate an hour or two per day to marketing your business on Facebook. Consistency is key, and will be crucial to getting the best outcome.

Plus, once you’ve started to see some results, make sure you carefully track what methods of Facebook promotion are proving to be most effective. Then, scale these activities up while cutting back on the other activities that aren’t proving so fruitful. This will help you to optimize your time and focus on the methods that are working best.

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