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Alex Belsey

Certain kinds of professional can be considered an investment, not an expense. These include marketers, accountants, salespeople, product developers, and more.

In essence, when done correctly, the money you spend on hiring and training these professionals should be returned to you many times over in the form of the additional revenues they will generate for your business.

However, did you know that several specialisms of writing can also deliver you substantial returns on investment? Let’s look at just a few of them.

Bid Writers

Many businesses – particularly larger businesses – get work by bidding on contracts that are put out for tender by organisations in the public, private, and third sectors. As some of these contracts are worth many millions to the winning bidder, being able to regularly secure work in this way can be especially lucrative.

Due to these large sums at stake, specialist bid writers who can help produce excellent, well-optimised bids for work have become a sought-after commodity.

The benefits that professional bid writers can bring begin before they even type their first word. While many companies apply for all the contracts they can find, the optimal strategy is to focus only on the opportunities that the business is best suited to.

By doing this, they can focus all their energies on applying to the contracts that they are most likely to win, while not wasting resources on responding to jobs that they stand little chance of success with.

Once the correct opportunities have been selected, a specialist bid writer will then prepare all the relevant documents, which can include relevant details of how the bidding business will deliver the work, case studies of similar jobs they have completed in the past, an explanation of how their bid fulfils all the crucial criteria of the contract, and more.

Critically, professional bid writers can identify which is the vital information to include in the bid, and then centre the bid on these areas while excluding any unnecessary details.

And, as in most cases any companies submitting a bid will be automatically disregarded for the opportunity if they deliver their bid after the deadline, professional bid writers will also be experts at ensuring all the work is completed and submitted with plenty of time to spare.

It is these factors, and more, that have helped many specialist bid writers to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue for their clients over recent years.


Good copy converts. This is a lesson that many lucky businesses have learned over the years.

It will earn you more sales, build your brand with your audience, clearly explain all the relevant information about your business to clients and customers, outline the benefits that your products provide, and more.

In short, the better your copywriting is, the better your chance of influencing your audience to take the actions you want.

And by combining their core skill set with some SEO knowledge, copywriters can prove even more valuable, as they will know how to structure and organise their text so that it stands the best possible chance of ranking high in the Google search results, and to therefore deliver more potential customers to your website as a consequence.

So, if you are able to find a copywriter who can combine the benefits of copywriting with the benefits of SEO, consider yourself fortunate, and give serious thought to securing their services! It could prove to be a very lucrative business decision.

Legal Writers

Having the correct legal documentation in place is crucial to protect your business and safeguard the interests of your clients and customers.

At the top end of the scale, where hundreds of millions of pounds are at stake, having a single word out of place in a legal document can cause severe consequences, and leave companies open to misinterpretations or distortions of the agreement that will substantially undermine their interests.

This is why it’s crucial to hire top-quality professional legal writers to draw up all your legal documentation, and the bigger the financial stake involved, the more vital it is to enlist an expert.

In fact, as any stray word or rogue turn of phrase can be isolated and used to build a case against your business in the event of a dispute, it is crucial to have as much of your legal correspondence as possible created by a specialist with experience in these areas.

Overall, when looking to grow your business, secure new clients, and generate additional revenues, why not think outside the box and look into hiring specialist writers instead of more traditional options such as marketers or salespeople?

By using a less familiar tactic that has been proven to work - and especially one that your competition may not have considered - you can gain an edge over your competitors and enjoy the rewards that will result!

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