New law: Now non-Muslims will also be able to marry according to their customs in Abu Dhabi

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If you want to see Paradise then go to Dubai. Its skyscrapers, wealth, scenic tourist places, and luxury lifestyle attract people from all over the world. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, its area is 4144 km, it is a rich and very beautiful city.

The population of Dubai is around 3 million, out of which 50% are Indians. Police in Dubai don't have a car below Ferrari, Lamborghini.

In Dubai, it is illegal to have a man-woman relationship before marriage. If you are caught doing this, you can be deported in addition to being arrested.

Dubai is considered the safest city in the world, the crime rate here is 0%, the law here is so strict that no one here even thinks of committing a crime.

The main sources of Dubai's economy are tourism and real estate and petroleum. Dubai comes at 22nd position in the list of most expensive cities in the world. 24% of the world's cranes are in Dubai, this is due to the growing real estate here.

A new court will be set up in Abu Dhabi to deal with non-Muslim family matters that will work in both English and Arabic.

The government has given good news for non-Muslim people living in the Muslim-majority nation of the United Arab Emirates, according to the new order, people of different religions than Muslims will be able to marry according to their customs. For this UAE is coming up with a law

According to local media reports, non-Muslims living in Abu Dhabi will now be allowed to marry, divorce, and adopt a child under the new civil law, which until now could only be married under Sharia law in the major Gulf country.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi issued a decree and explained that this new law covers civil marriage, divorce, alimony, joint child custody, and proof of paternity and inheritance by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed of the UAE Federation of the Seven Emirates. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed is also the President of the UAE Federation of the Seven Emirates...

According to the report, the UAE has described the new civil law made for non-Muslim family interests as a new initiative before the world. Also, a new court will be set up in Abu Dhabi to deal with non-Muslim family matters, which will work in both English and Arabic.

The UAE last year made several legal changes at the federal level, including decriminalizing premarital sex and the consumption of alcohol, and repealing leniency provisions when dealing with so-called honor killings.

The UAE is exploring these reforms as well as measures such as the introduction of long-term visas for the Gulf state to make itself more attractive for foreign investment, tourism, and long-term residency.

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