The water of the Boiling River in Peru is so hot that if a person goes inside it, his body starts burning

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The water of the Boiling River in Peru is so hot that if a person goes inside it, his body starts burning.

Lima: Have you ever seen a river whose water is always boiling? By the way, there are such rivers in India too whose water is hot. But today we tell you about that mysterious river whose water is always boiling. This river is known as The Boiling River. This mysterious river has hidden many mysteries in itself, and scientists are doing everything possible to solve those mysteries.

world's largest thermal river-

The research of scientists is still going on to solve the mysteries of this river, we are very sure that scientists will bring the mystery of 'The Boiling River' to the world in a few days. This river is present in South America (Peru) which boils for 24 hours. This river is about 7 kilometers long. By one point, this river becomes 80 feet wide, then at one place, its depth is 16 feet. The most surprising thing is that there is no volcano (No Volcanoes Near the Boiling River) around this river. Therefore, there is no lava or volcano behind the boiling water of the river. It is naturally occurring. It is a hot river, so scientists consider it to be the world's largest thermal river.

Discovery of this mysterious river of Peru -

This river was discovered by geologist Andrés Ruzo in the year 2011. A part of the Amazon Forest is adjacent to Peru, this Peru this mysterious river ie 'The Boiling River is located. Peru is a country located in the continent of South America. If we talk about the Amazon Forest, then 13% of it comes from Peru. In this 'The Boiling River is situated.

According to a report in the Telegraph, two rivers named Salt River and Hot River meet in this river between the Amazon forests. Which are much smaller than Boiling River in length. According to a YouTube channel named Nas Daily, the water temperature reaches more than 90 degrees centigrade. The surprising thing is that any animal that falls in it dies due to boiling water. It is difficult even for humans to walk in it because hot water causes blisters on the feet.

The river has the power to heal wounds! According to scientists, this water is a hot spring. The water from the heat of the earth heats up and comes out and forms a hot spring. Many tribes are living in the vicinity of the river, who have considered this river sacred for years, according to them, the water of the river has the power to heal wounds and wounds. That is why people are also treated with water. As the river progresses, it gets cooler, so tourists who come here in the middle part also enjoy swimming and a natural Jacuzzi.

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