US: A strange and giant fish was found on the Oregon coast, such fish are found in the depths of the sea

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Oregon: A strange and giant fish has been seen on the Oregon coast close to the North-East America Highway. This fish has big black eyes and silver-colored specks on its body. The weight of this giant fish is about 45 kg. This giant fish is colorful, which has been identified as Opah fish. It is commonly known as Moonfish or Redfin Ocean Pan. Keith Chandler, general manager of Seaside Aquarium, told CNN that he is a very fine fish, and we don't usually see him at the seaside. However, the local people were extremely thrilled after seeing such a rare fish. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said researchers still do not know much about opah fish, as they are commonly found in the depths of the ocean.

According to the information received by the Oregon Aquarium, the dead body of this rare fish has swept away from the sea and reached the shore. This orange color fish weighs is 100 pounds. Experts said that the shape of the body of the fish is round and flat, which indicates unusual conditions when it comes to the beach.

It is a rare case to find moonfish on the beach

This giant and multicolored moonfish has died on a beach in Oregon Seaside, USA. Local people are also surprised after this 3.5-foot-long giant fish was found on Oregon's Sunshine Beach on Wednesday because it is a rare case to find this fish on the beach. Oregon's Seaside Aquarium was contacted as soon as this fish was found and they quickly recovered the fish after seeing pictures of the unusual specimen. Seaside Aquarium has posted on social media saying that a large number of people are reaching the aquarium to see this fish.

People are expressing grief over the death of this beautiful fish

People are expressing grief over the death of this beautiful fish. Silver-colored dots are made on the body of this fish with big black eyes, which are adding to its beauty. The aquarium has said that it has kept this fish in the freezer for future academic studies. It is commonly found in tropical and temperate waters on Pacific islands and along the West Coast, Southeast, New England, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

But it is being told that the seawater started boiling after becoming hot and that is why this rare fish has died in agony. Biologist Heidi Dewar of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) told the Washington Post that "the size of this fish is unimaginable". Biologist Heidi Dewar said that "moonfish was the boiled. it is very important to research it.

It is very important to research fish

A thorough study needs to be done about the death of this rare fish and after studying what it had eaten in the past days and what is in its stomach, more information about the death of the fish would be available. It is also necessary to find out where this extraordinary fish lived. Let us tell you that Seaside Aquarian first saw this rare fish dead on the beach and then all the information about the fish has been shared. Many rare fishes are found in the sea and on their basis, much information is collected from the history of the earth to the future. Studies on fish also show what dangers humans may face in the future.

Meanwhile, scientists have issued a warning to the world. If humans do not start to understand this sign soon, then something similar is going to happen to humans. The moonfish, also called opa, was about three and a half feet long and is commonly found in tropical and temperate waters. Let us tell you that earlier in the year 2009 also Opah fish was found, which weighed about 42 kg and was caught in the Columbia River. But, this time the Opah fish i.e. Moonfish has been found dead, A study was done about this fish in April this year, in which it was said that "the water in the sea is constantly warming, due to which it is going to be very difficult for the moonfish to live in the warm sea and may That this moon fish escapes from hot water and migrates to cold water parts. Researchers led by the University of Auckland have found that ocean conditions are constantly changing due to climate change, and about 50,000 species of sea-dwelling fish, mollusks, birds, and corals have migrated to the poles since 1955. The biggest reason behind this is said to be the continuous warming of seawater. Scientists have said that the species of organisms that are moving inside the sea are rapidly migrating to the poles, which is very worrying and is very dangerous for the ocean ecosystem. Scientists have said that the average ocean temperature has gone up to 20 degrees Celsius, which is not conducive for many species living in the ocean. In such a situation, these species may become extinct.

Rising ocean temperatures are making it very difficult for local species to live in the ocean, but the problem is that the waters in the ocean are slowly warming towards the poles, threatening the extinction of these rare species. Senior author Mark Costello, a professor of marine biology at the University of Auckland, told the AFP news agency that "sea life has changed significantly in at least the last 60 years because of global warming". He said that 'Our research has shown that at least 1500 species have now disappeared and if we do not succeed in curbing greenhouse gas emissions, then the situation may become more dangerous'.

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