US: Uber female driver wins $250k lottery, no longer wants to work at Uber Eats

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Washington: A female driver became a millionaire in a few minutes. This woman used to work as a driver in Uber Eats. The woman's happiness knew no bounds when she came to know that she has won the lottery and now she has become a millionaire.

the fate of such an open woman

A woman working at Uber eats in Maryland, US, was out for her work. On his way to delivery, he suddenly caught sight of Quik Ses Mart and bought some tickets from there.Then, using the Maryland Lottery app, the woman listed the scratch-offs in the maximum prizes category and selected a $1 to $10 game. The woman told that she had won small cash prizes before and so far she had won the lottery only for a maximum of $ 1,500, but this time luck favored and she became a millionaire.
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If the woman's luck opened, the lottery was held

A woman's food delivery driver's life suddenly changed when she saw the lottery result she bought last week. Earlier she had won small cash prizes, but this time she won 250k dollars straight.
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lucky ticket

This is the same lottery ticket that changed a woman's life. Lottery officials said a mother of five has won $250,000 between Uber Eats deliveries.

women no longer need jobs

The 47-year-old woman who won the lottery said that she will no longer work at Uber Eats. He also said that this amount is enough to take care of the children and to meet the other needs, so there is no need to do a job now.
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A lottery will change a woman's life

She will pay some bills before the lottery money. After paying the down payment for her house, she is planning to help her children financially with the remaining money. He believes that it has changed his life.

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