Croatia: 100 pits suddenly appeared on the earth, panic among people, more than 100 sinkholes

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Zagreb: Just before the beginning of the year 2021, i.e. on 29 and 30 December, the tremors of the earthquake in the country's Croatia (Croatia) including the capital Zagreb stunned the people. The earthquake was so strong that apart from Croatia, its impact was felt in neighboring countries Serbia and Bosnia as well. In this, 5 people were killed and many people were injured, while many houses and buildings were badly damaged. In a village named Mesenkani, 40 km from the capital, there was a strange movement in the land since the new year, while a sinkhole suddenly formed in neighboring Borojevici. The sinkhole is about 98 feet in diameter and 49 feet deep. Although sinkholes mean the earth's rupture, over the years the incidence of such land subsidence has been increasing.

The people of Mesenkani village said, 'They are in very bad condition. The sinkholes all around here can swallow us up any day. Maybe we will have to leave this place in a few days at the behest of the government. These pits are very dangerous because they are formed suddenly in which water gets filled. Sinkholes are not a typical symptom of seismic tremors, but their abundance in Croatia is surprising even scientists.

Officials from the Croatian Geological Institute said that, as of the end of January, at least 54 places of varying sizes had been reported to have formed sinkholes. By the time of March, more than 100 sinkholes had formed in and around these two villages.

There are many reasons behind the formation of sinkholes. For millions of years, nature has created stones in the form of rocks, forming one surface on top of the other. When these rocks are made of limestone or dolomite and gypsum, There are holes in them and water gets filled. So this water hollows the rock inside and when this rock becomes hollow and weakens then it starts collapsing.

over 100 sinkholes

Some deep pits i.e. sinkholes were emerging in the rural areas, many people's homes also saw such movement i.e. without earthquake there were sinkholes made and bricks fell and cracks started appearing in buildings. This caused panic among the people. Many times when the rain comes after a drought, it goes inside the torn ground during the drought and separates the upper surface. And this shallow surface sinks and creates a sinkhole. On the other hand, when landslides occur, these rocks begin to peel off their layers and these layers form sinkholes by forming large pits.

Croatia has several dozen natural caves, three of which are more than 3,261 feet deep. These deep underground caves are formed by the extraction of water, which is slightly acidic, which gradually erodes a layer of slightly soluble bases, such as limestone. Sinkholes can also be formed by the structural changes of these caves. The exploitation of land by other human beings in the wrong ways is also the reason. Mining in bulk means mining for mineral elements is the main reason. Building a building by cutting rocks. But scientists doing research here say that the formation of these sinkholes in the courtyard of some people's houses or under the wall behind the house is dangerous for all the residents here.

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