NASA new study: After 9 years, the position of the moon will change, there will be a terrible flood in the world

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Houston: The weather is constantly changing around the world. The number and severity of cyclonic storms have increased. America has recently come out after battling cyclonic storms several times. The rise of sea level and high tide is associated with the moon. But scientists have now revealed that if there is a slight wobble in the moon, there will be a terrible flood all over the world. The US space agency NASA said that the moon makes a slight change in its position in 18.6 years and due to the slightest change, there is a danger of flooding in many coastal areas of the earth. This NASA study was published last month in Nature Climate Change.

The moon changes its position in 18.6 years
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According to a NASA study, the pull and pressure of the moon are in equilibrium from year to year, but in 18.6 years, there is a slight change in its place. During this half of the time the moon suppresses the waves of the earth, but half of the time it accelerates the waves and increases their height, which is dangerous. As the position of the moon changes, the nuisance floods coming on the coastal areas will be dangerous for the community living there. NASA said that half of the 18.6-year circle of the moon is about to begin, which will accelerate the waves of the Earth. In the next 9 years i.e. by 2030, the global sea level will have increased significantly and due to this, coastal areas in many countries of the world may be flooded. The floods caused by high tide are called Nuisance Floods. At such a time, the sea waves rise 2 feet higher than their average height, Water starts filling in drains and cities. Because of this, the situation in the city becomes chaotic. The number of days this water stops, the destruction continues in the city for as many days. The biggest problem will be in America. Because there are many coastal tourist places in this country.
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Sea level has risen by 8 to 9 inches

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sea levels have risen by 8 to 9 inches since 1880, and about 3 inches of this increase has occurred in the past 25 years. According to the report, by the year 2100, the sea level can rise from 12 inches to 8.2 feet and it will be very dangerous for the world. To stop this, the emission of greenhouse gases will have to be reduced. But this work will end in decades. This is not easy.
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By 2030 the number of nuisance floods will increase

NASA has now warned that Nuisance Floods will increase greatly by 2030. They will not come once or twice a year. They will come again every month. Because whenever there is a slight change in the orbit of the moon, then this flood will become more harmful. In the coastal areas, this flood will come two-three times every month. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 600 floods occurred in the year 2019 due to high tide in America. Now a new study by NASA has revealed that by the year 2030, Nuisance Flood (Nuisance) in many places around the world including America. Floods) will increase. With this, the height of the waves coming at the time of high tide will be about 3 to 4 times more. Explain that the floods caused by high tide are called Nuisance Floods. Events like El Nio in the climate cycle will also lead to flooding. Scientist Ben Hamlington of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that all these events will happen every month. It may also happen that in one part of the year there will be so much flooding that you will have problems throughout the year.
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Governments around the world have to make plans.

University of Hawaii assistant professor Phil Thompson said in a statement that this would be due to long-term climate change. Because only because of this there will be trouble on earth. Phil Thompson says that if such floods occur 10-15 times in a month, then people's business will stop. Because their business will be disrupted. People's jobs will be lost. Due to continuous water, mosquito-borne diseases will also flourish. Due to the moon, the amount and time of flooding on the coastal areas of the earth will increase. Due to global warming, ice and glaciers around the world are melting. Because of this, the sea level will rise rapidly. To avoid this, governments around the world will have to make plans and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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