Solar Storm: A catastrophic storm, growing at a speed of 1.6 million km, can hit the earth in 48 hours

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Solar Storm About to Hit Earth: Scientists have warned that a powerful catastrophic storm could hit the Earth. In the early days of July, a powerful solar storm born from the surface of the Sun is moving towards the Earth at a speed of 16 lakh 09 thousand 344 kilometers per hour and can cause a lot of damage.

Scientists warn

This solar storm is likely to hit Earth any time on Sunday or Monday. Under this, people have been asked to avoid traveling by plane if it is not necessary because satellite signals can be interrupted. Its effect can also be seen in the flight of aircraft, radio signals, communication, and weather.

Bright light will be seen at night from this solar storm

According to the website, this solar storm originated in the Sun's atmosphere, due to which a region of space dominated by the magnetic field can be greatly affected.

People living in northern or southern latitudes may see the beautiful aurora at night. The bright light seen in the sky near the poles at night is called Aurora. The US space agency NASA has reported the speed of the storm as 1609344 kilometers per hour. The agency says that its speed can be even more. At the same time, experts say that if there is a great storm in space, then it can kill almost all the cities of the earth. Which is not good news at all.

Will it affect the earth?

Due to the solar storm moving towards the Earth, the atmosphere can be heated. In such a situation, it will have a direct effect on the satellite. Which will directly affect the satellites. This will affect the phone signal, satellite TV, and GPS navigation, which can cause interference (Solar Storm Effects on Humans). There is also a danger of getting current in the power line, which can blow the transformer. Although the Earth's magnetic field acts as a protective shield against it, so the possibility of this happening is negligible.

the solar storm came before

The solar storm is not coming for the first time, it's happened before.The same incident happened in the first year 1989 as well. At that time, due to the storm, the power of the Quebec City of Canada went out for about 12 hours. Along with this, lakhs of people had to face difficulties. Many years before this, the Geomagnetic Storm came in 1859. Which destroyed the telegraph network in Europe and America. Some operators had also suffered an electric shock, during that time the light was so strong that even people in Northern America were able to read newspapers without light.

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