Glass Octopus found in the Pacific Ocean, the skin is so transparent that it can see through the body

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Tarawa: Found during research near the Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean near Kiribati. Researchers spent 34 days here for the study. The Phoenix Islands are one of the largest coral ecosystems in the world.

Scientists say it is difficult to reach this species of the octopus because they live in very deep depths.

Many things related to science can be discovered and observed with scientists and researchers. Glass octopus was also seen during live streaming underwater.

Dr. Veermani and his team went out to visit Phoenix Island. Phoenix Island is the largest coral ecosystem in the world. Here scientists have discovered new species of coral. These include the Golden Coral. During the sea voyage, the robot watching the sea creatures also saw the whale shark and captured it on camera. The length of the whale shark was about 40 feet.

The length of Glass Octopus is 45 cm. Its eyes are rectangular. During research near the Phoenix Islands, it was seen floating in the Pacific Ocean. Such a rare octopus has been found, whose skin is transparent. This can be seen across the body of the octopus. The organs inside the body of the octopus and the digestive system are visible. Everyone is surprised to know about this octopus. It has been seen when some other creature was making it its prey.

The name of this skin transparent octopus was revealed

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, researchers saw this rare octopus in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The name of this octopus is Vitrledonella Richardi. This transparent octopus was first discovered in the year 1918. Some people are also calling it glass octopus.

It is very difficult to take a picture of a glass octopus

Significantly, it is very difficult to capture the glass octopus in the camera because it swims very deeply in the sea. Getting it is not easy.

Glass octopus is so tall

The length of the mantle of the glass octopus i.e. Vitreledonella Richardi is 11 centimeters. At the same time, the length of its entire body is up to 45 centimeters.

octopus has square eyes

Researchers say, no major research has been done on the glass octopus so far, so only a few things have come to light about it. The eyes of this rare octopus are rectangular. The round suckers found on the body of the glass octopus are small. The eyes are square and the embryo develops inside the egg. The special thing is that the eggs remain in the body of the female octopus until the embryo develops in it when it is not capable of coming out.

Dr. Tim Shank, a biologist at The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, says that if you look deeply into the ocean, it is known that these creatures have changed their way of living. Many such things are found here that have never been discovered.

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