NASA claims to have captured at least 10 UFOs during live feed, debate rages on the existence of aliens

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NASA claims to have captured at least 10 UFOs during live feedWikimedia Commons

Washington: The debate about aliens and UFOs has started once again. The reason is the claim of capturing at least 10 UFOs during NASA's live feed. It is being said that these UFOs have been seen circling under the International Space Station. There have been many claims of seeing UFOs in the past as well. At least ten small black objects have been captured flying just below the International Space Station.

Which are being called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). During the live feed of the US space agency NASA, 10 UFOs have been seen in a circle over the South Atlantic Ocean.

Image captured during NASA's live stream

According to the report of 'The Sun', Orb-Like Objects are visible in the picture captured during NASA's live stream from the International Space Station.

UFO hunter "Mr. MBB333" has shared screenshots taken by Space Watcher on July 3. In which it can be seen that some small objects are visible. These objects are being called UFOs.

Debate broke out over the existence of aliens

In his shocking post, UFO Hunter has said that at least 10 unidentified objects have been seen near the space station above Earth, which could be Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

With this claim of UFO Hunter, the debate has once again started on social media regarding the existence of aliens. In America, this issue has been debated many times before. It is worth noting that recently a report was presented in America regarding Aliens and UFOs.

US considers UFO claim necessary

In this report, the government has said that defense and intelligence analysts do not have enough data to determine the nature of the mysterious flying objects seen by Navy pilots. However, the government has not completely dismissed the UFO claim.

The US government has acknowledged for the first time that a detailed investigation is needed on the subject.

114 UFO sightings

So far 144 incidents of UFO sightings have been reported in America. Regarding this, the government says that in the absence of sufficient data, it is difficult for it to say much.

But efforts will be made to find out the truth. Apart from the existence of aliens, apprehension is also being expressed that countries hostile to America, Russia, or China are creating such an illusion with some advanced technology. Concern has also been expressed in the recently presented report regarding this.

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