CT Scan of Egyptian Mummy in Italy, decades old secret will be revealed

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CT Scan of Egyptian Mummyindianexpress

The mummy of Ankhekhonsu, an ancient Egyptian priest, was taken from the Civic Archaeological Museum in Bergamo to the Polyclinico Hospital in Milan Where experts will find out about their life and burial customs of about 3,000 years ago.

Sabina Malgora, director of the Mummy Project Research, said that the mummies are practically a biological museum, they are like a time capsule.

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Researchers say they can trace the life and death of an Egyptian priest and understand the types of products used to mummify the body.

Sabina Malgora said, "The study of ancient diseases and wounds is important in modern medical research. We can study cancer earlier. It can be very useful for modern research.

This mummy belongs to Ankhekhonsu, an ancient Egyptian priest. Here the CT scan of the mummy was done under the research project. Researchers believe that many important information will be available from this.

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Preserved dead bodies are called mummies. These carcasses can be kept for many years without spoiling. Special chemicals are used on the body parts. So that they do not get damaged.

According to the website WION, the mummy of the ancient priest Ankhekhonsu was recently brought to the Policlinico Hospital in Milan and his CT scan was done..

Researchers say that this will help to know about 3000-year-old customs of burial of mummy. Apart from this, many other important information is also expected to be found.

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