Internet went crazy over Yogi, an adorable dog with a 'human-like face'

Akhil Aravind

Meet Yogi, a Shih-Poo (mix of Shih Tzu and Poodle), who happens to have a face very similar to that of a human.

Yogi has human-like wide eyes and an expression that sent the internet crazy in 2018. His picture became a sensation and topic of discussion after it was posted on Social Media.

His owner, Chantal Desjardins, posted his picture with Darla, her Shih Tzu. Although Desjardins couldn’t spot the similarity, friends who saw the picture pointed out Yogi's uncanny appearance.

She told ABC News in March 2018," The crazy part is, I shared it on my Facebook back in December, and it was just put on Reddit last week." She added that the media outlets shared the picture, and it took the internet by storm.

Many even compared Yogi to popular actors like Sean Astin, Nicolas Cage, Jake Gyllenhall, and Ed Sheeran.

Quite a few of them were also spooked.

"Why does one look like you did a human face swap? It’s freaking me out," said Desjardins’ friend. Strangers also expressed their opinions.

“This is deeply unsettling..."

“I'd feel weird petting it."

“I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I'm rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it's just a face swap.”

The internet’s reaction was a shock to Desjardins, and she explained,” He’s super happy. He loves to play and cuddle. It’s funny because I really didn’t see it before. I don’t really see him differently.”

Whereas some critics say, the picture was photoshopped. Desjardins denied this entirely and said the human-like face could be because of his eyes and how he’s looking at the camera.


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