All for money: A man married and cheated on 27 women

Akhil Aravind
This is not the picture of SwainPhoto by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels.

On 13th February, a 66-year-old man, Bibhu Prakash Swain, was traveling in his car through Bhubaneswar (a city in India). Unexpectedly, a special squad of Odisha police surrounded him.

At that time, Odisha police believed Swain married more than 18 times. After checking his mobile phone records, they found he saved his wives’ mobile numbers under the names of the Indian states they lived in – Madam Assam, Madam Delhi, or Madam UP (Uttar Pradesh).

An Indian newspaper said he was “no Don Juan” because he is just 160 cm tall. They also reported that he married at least 27 women in their late 40s from 10 Indian states.

He used fake identification cards and appointment letters to bolster his credentials and family background. He made everyone believe that he was on a chunky salary.

The investigation officer Sanjiv Satpathy told the media, “His prime motive for this crime was money and sexual pleasure.”

After questioning, the investigation team found out his multiple identities, bank accounts, and plans for two weddings in February and March.

The police said, “He was always very persuasive and only targeted successful single, widowed or divorced women in their late 40s.”

A few days after “happy and satisfying days into the marriage,” Swain always found excuses to borrow his new wives’ money or jewelry to help him with an emergency.

And he would move on to conquer his next targets.

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