Dog reunites with its owner after 12 years in California

Akhil Aravind

A dog who was missing for 12 years has reunited with its master in California.

Zoey had been missing since 2010, and the microchip company had already listed her as deceased in their data.

Brandon Levin, the animal service officer in charge, received a call on 10th February informing that a stray dog was left at a rural property near Stockton.

According to the caller, the dog was ‘old and unwell.’

Upon examination, Brandon found that the dog’s name was Zoey, who was reported missing from Lafayette, California, in 2010. She was found around 60 miles from where she had gone missing 12 years ago.

When the officers tried to contact Zoey’s old owner, Michelle, they learned that she had moved to Benecia. Fortunately, her number remained the same, and they could get in touch with her.

Michelle said she had found Zoey and her twin sister when they were just six months old. They were with her for the next six months before Zoey went missing.

On an unfortunate day, Michelle had left to go to a store and found Zoey missing when she arrived after 20 minutes.

Later, the reunion of Michelle and Zoey was captured and shared on Facebook.

Michelle says with joy as she pats Zoey, “she didn’t grow much” and “she’s so cute!”.

At the end of the video, Michelle says she looks forward to taking Zoey back home and making her healthy again.

Now that Zoey has met its owner, she is safe and has a 13-year-old playmate, Michelle’s other pet dog.



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