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Mystery Creature Revealed: Rare Ringtail Cat Spotted in Scottsdale Attic

Akhil A Pillai
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The residents of Scottsdale were on the lookout for a creature that they suspected had taken up residence in their attic. To their surprise, it was not a typical rodent like a rat or a mouse, but a rare ringtail cat that they discovered after setting up surveillance cameras. Mike Boyle, Burns Pest Elimination Residential Account Manager, expressed his surprise at this sighting, stating that he had only seen the animal twice in the past 20 years.

Ringtail cats belong to the raccoon family and were declared the State Mammal of Arizona in 1986. While they are a rare species, they are not currently classified as endangered. According to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, these creatures are known for their excellent climbing abilities and can scale vertical walls, trees, rocky cliffs, and even cacti. They seek shelter in tree hollows, rock crevices, abandoned burrows of other animals, mine shafts, abandoned buildings, and are known to venture into occupied attics as well.

The ringtail cat later moved to a new location, and the homeowners were able to seal any holes or openings in the attic to prevent any further intrusion. Boyle stated that they did not capture the animal, but rather used exclusion products to guide it safely to a new location.

In conclusion, the residents of Scottsdale were surprised to find a rare ringtail cat in their attic. The creature, though rare, is not endangered and is known for its excellent climbing abilities. The homeowners were able to safely guide the animal to a new location and seal any openings in their attic to prevent any future intrusion.

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