McDonald’s worker filled his car with buns on ‘last day’ on the job ‘It was my last day so I stole from McDonald’s’

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A video posted by a former McDonald's worker on TikTok has gone viral, in which he claimed to have stolen a truck full of buns on his last day at work. The 12-second clip showed TikTok user @slim_vinny with a big packet of hamburger buns and boxes of frozen french fries filling up the car, passenger seat and backseat of his silver car, with a text overlay saying, "It was my last day, so I stole from McDonald's." Within a day, the video garnered over 340,000 views on social media.

The authenticity of the video was questioned by some viewers in the comments section, suggesting that he may have been just transferring inventory from one store to another. It is unclear whether the video was meant to be satirical or not, and The Daily Dot attempted to reach out to @slim_vinny through TikTok for further information.

While some viewers joked about what other items he should have stolen instead, others shared their own experiences of stealing items from other fast food places on their last day of work. However, some viewers warned @slim_vinny about the potential legal consequences of his actions.

The video garnered mixed reactions from the viewers, with some questioning the veracity of the clip and others finding it humorous. Nonetheless, stealing from one's workplace is not a good practice and could result in legal repercussions.

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