USPS halts services in These Places, Effective Immediately

Akhil A Pillai

In recent months, severe weather conditions have caused the temporary closure of several U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offices across the country. However, the agency is now suspending services in some locations due to other reasons. The USPS uses its Service Alerts website to provide customers with current information about mail delivery and post office operations in their area.

According to the latest alerts, USPS customers in Georgia, Alabama, and California are experiencing service disruptions. On Feb. 24, the agency suspended retail operations at the Mountain City Post Office in Georgia, with additional operations expected to pause soon. On March 2 and 3, the Coy Post Office in Alabama and the Bolinas Post Office in California also experienced service suspensions.

The Bolinas Post Office's services were temporarily relocated due to a leasing issue, as stated in a local press release. The owner of the building, Gregg Welsh, has accused the USPS of neglecting to replace asbestos-laden tiles in the facility. However, the postal agency has not responded to the landlord's claims. As a result, Welsh has ended the lease, and the USPS has temporarily relocated to alternative quarters.

Starting March 6, the Bolinas Post Office's retail and P.O. Box operations have been moved to the Olema Post Office, about 12 miles away, requiring customers to drive for roughly 20 minutes. The USPS has assured affected customers that it is actively searching for a new location to restore continuity of service.

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