A family raised a dog for 2 years. Later, it Grew Up To Be A 250-Pound Bear.

Akhil A Pillai

In a surprising turn of events, a family in a remote area of China discovered that the pet they had been raising for two years was not a dog, but a bear. Su Yun, who resides in a village near Kunming in Yunnan Province, had purchased what she believed to be a Tibetan mastiff puppy while on vacation in 2016. Tibetan mastiffs are large dogs with a thick black-and-brown coats and can weigh up to 150 pounds.

Su became immediately aware of her pet's insatiable appetite, two buckets of noodles every day and consuming a box of fruit, . Two years later, the pet's weight had ballooned to 250 pounds and , causing Su to become increasingly bewildered by the animal's unusual behavior, particularly its habit of walking on two legs. As the animal grew larger, Su began to suspect that her beloved pet was not a dog but rather a bear, which terrified her.

After contacting local authorities, Su learned that her pet was actually an Asiatic black bear, which is classified as a vulnerable species. These bears, also known as Himalayan or moon bears will grow up to 400 pounds when fully grown.

The story of Su's mistaken pet was first reported by the Independent in 2018, but it has gone viral again recently. The bear had been living in Su's home the entire time, but upon discovery of its true identity, it was tranquilized and taken to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue center. Staff members were too scared to interact with the fully alert wild animal, and a video published by a Chinese media in 2018 displayed the bear with a glossy black coat and a white mark on its body.

Thankfully, officials reported that the bear was healthy and living well in its new home. The story serves as a cautionary tale to always ensure that pets are thoroughly researched and properly identified before adoption.

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