Viral video of elderly woman cooking fish broth in a plastic bag, sparks questions and concerns among netizens

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Camping is a popular pastime among many, which offers a chance to enjoy nature, fresh air, and delicious campfire meals. For those who can't go camping themselves, videos of others' adventures can be a satisfying alternative. One such video has recently gone viral, featuring an elderly woman cooking a meal in the wilderness. What has caught viewers' attention is her unique method of cooking fish using a plastic bag. While many campers rely on lightweight aluminium mugs and skewers to minimize their gear, this woman's inventive approach is certainly unusual.

A video shared on Twitter by The Figen shows an elderly woman cooking fish broth on a wood fire using a plastic bag filled with water. To viewers' surprise, the bag did not melt or show any immediate effect from the heat. The video has garnered over 5.3 Million views, and 14.2K likes, which also sparked concerns about the potential cancer-causing effects of plastic.

Some users suggested that plastic bags can survive fire if filled with water. However, others expressed apprehension about the harmful chemicals that could be released from the plastic into the broth. Commenters raised concerns about endocrine disruption and the complex chemical makeup of the broth.

"If water goes boiling point i.e 100’c , nothing can save this polythene bag goes melt. Not physics it’s actually chemistry and thermodynamics" one user wrote.

Another commented "This lady is pushing the "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" mindset to dangerous limits, but something tells me the water that fish came from isn't exactly much clearer than this anyway"


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