Advocacy Group Calls on Legislature to Focus on Gun Safety

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Southern Christian Coalition says pending legislation puts Tennesseans at risk of increased gun violence

Tennessee-based Christian advocacy group Southern Christian Coalition today called on Tennessee lawmakers to focus on gun safety and reducing gun violence rather than on advancing laws the group says will make Tennessee less safe.

Specifically, the advocacy group is calling out legislation that would allow permitless carry, a move they say will make Tennessee more dangerous and increase instances of gun violence.

Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs, Pastor of Franklin Community Church in Franklin, said, "As Christians, we believe no matter where anyone lives, the color of their skin, we ALL deserve to live safely without gun violence, and that it is our moral obligation as Christians and as a pastor to stand for legislation that keeps our communities safe. Yet, our Supermajority Legislature is currently trying to pass a bill that would expand our already dangerous permitless carry law and make all of our communities, families, and children less safe."

Another representative of the group noted that Tennessee already has a relatively high rate of violent crime and suggested this measure would make it worse.

Rev. Rick Roberts, Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Nashville said, "This legislation is not only dangerous, it's immoral and puts all of us, including our children, at even greater risk of gun violence and death. Tennessee is already the 3rd leading state when it comes to violent crime.

Roberts added, "As a Christian pastor, father, and community member, I am sickened and horrified at the rise in gun violence here in Tennessee. Jesus in his famous Sermon on the Mount said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God." 

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