Pastor Speaks Out as Additional Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Advances

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Southern Christian Coalition accuses lawmakers of failing to "love like Jesus loved"

A pastor who is a frequent spokesperson for the Southern Christian Coalition is speaking out as legislation he says is targeting LGBTQ individuals advances in the General Assembly. Specifically, Riggs referenced legislation aimed at the transgender community and also focused on drag shows.

Rev. Dr. Kevin Riggs, pastor of Franklin Community Church, called on legislators to "love others as they would be loved" and took them to task for failing to heed the call of a Jesus many claim to follow.

"It's a shame that our state legislature here in Tennessee is known now for having a slate of hate. What a horrible thing, especially when so many in the state legislature claim to be Christian, but what they are known for is hate when Jesus said that we are to be known for our love," Riggs said.

Riggs said he believes some lawmakers are targeting certain individuals simply because of who they are who they love.

"The way that they are targeting individuals with their legislation as if someone's existence in and of itself is against the law, it goes against Scripture, but it also goes against democracy but also against basic humanity. There are so many other things that we need to be dealing with that would be good for all of us instead of targeting hateful legislation toward a particular group of people.

Riggs added that while many pushing this legislative agenda claim a Christian faith, God's grace is bigger than a narrow view that singles out certain groups for punishment.

"I want people to know that there is another greater form of Christianity, even evangelical Christianity other than the hate that is coming from Capitol Hill. God's grace is far bigger than any of the targeted hate legislation that's come out of people who have swallowed the lie of Dominionism and who have swallowed the heretical teaching of White Christian Nationalism. All of this is against what Jesus said when he said that we are to be known by our love and we are to love others the way Jesus loved us and the way we would like to be loved by others."

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