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Tennessee Physician Calls Out State Leaders Over COVID-19 Misinformation

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Nashville doctor and parent of two highlights importance of COVID vaccines for children

Following an announcement that leaders of Tennessee's majority-Republican House of Representatives are calling on the administration of Gov. Bill Lee to resist COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 years old, Nashville primary care physician Mary Gordon Bono highlighted the importance of the vaccine and called on lawmakers to promote accurate information.

Bono, who has two children under 5 who were vaccinated as part of a Pfizer trial, issued a statement explaining her position.

“COVID and gun violence are now among the leading causes of death among American children.  As a parent, and as a physician who understands the role of good public health policy, I always prioritize their safety and the health of our communities.  That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to enroll my children in the COVID-19 vaccine trial.  

“Clearly, Tennessee politicians like Representative Jason Zachary and House Speaker Cameron Sexton, don’t care about Tennessee children enough to put the safety of our kids over their political interests. I am appalled that these politicians would spread misinformation that there is not sufficient clinical evidence to safely vaccinate children under age 5,” Dr. Bono continued.

“Every parent wants to do what we can to protect our children from harm in the world," said Dr. Bono. "Vaccinating my children against COVID was the best I could do to keep them safe from a virus that will be a part of our foreseeable future. Rep. Jason Zachary and Speaker Cameron Sexton, don’t parents know what is best for our families? How can you try to take away my right to get safe, accurate and reliable information to keep children safe through safe and tested vaccinations?"

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