Coalition Calls on Rep. Mark Green to Support Policies Welcoming Refugees

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Southern Christian Coalition makes request during Refugee Advocacy Week

A group of Tennessee pastors affiliated with the Southern Christian Coalition called on 7th District Congressman Mark Green to support policies that make America a welcoming place for refugees. The group specifically singled out refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan. The effort was coordinated as part of Refugee Advocacy Week.

In a statement, the group called for a policy that returns to refugee limits of previous years.

Advocates and people of faith called for a return to welcome at least 125,000 refugees per year, which closely resembles the number of refugees welcomed prior to the Trump administration. Advocates, including Emilee Cutright, from Refugee Council USA, called for these efforts because they are called for in the Christian faith, and also because refugees are a net benefit to our communities, especially to the economy, and that supporting refugees in our partner countries helps stabilize international relationships and supports the USA’s national security.

A letter from Rev. Jason Mikel from Jenkins Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Nolensville was read as the group met with a staff member in Green's office. The letter read, in part:

“As a Christian minister, I recognize that who we follow determines the priorities of how we treat others. My intent, and that of my Christian community, is to follow the Way of Jesus Christ, which embraces the stranger in our midst as if they are us.”

Mikel continued by appealing to Green's faith tradition:

“As you identify as a Christian, I ask that you scour the Scriptures and find in both the Hebrew Bible and our New Testament where people of faith must support such ideas if we are to be authentic followers. Jesus did not recommend that we care for the stranger among us. He required it.”

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