Tennessee Doctors Speak Out on Abortion Ban Legislation

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Legislation would ban all abortions, allows abortion providers to be sued

A group of Tennessee doctors held a press conference today to urge the Tennessee General Assembly to stop legislation (HB2779/SB2582) that would effectively ban all abortions in the state and create a mechanism for suing abortion providers.

Dr. Katrina Green, Board Certified Emergency Room Physician practicing both in Nashville and Lawrenceburg said, “As an emergency physician, my job is to care for people in my emergency department on what is likely one of the worst days of their lives. Women see me when they’ve been abused by intimate partners. They come to my emergency department after sexual assaults and rapes. They also come to the hospital worried when they have unexpected vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain while pregnant. I strive to treat all of my patients with dignity and respect, no matter who they are or why they are in my emergency department. When a woman comes to the ER and I have to deliver devastating news, she should expect to hear sound medical advice about what to do, including referral to an obstetrician who can perform an abortion to prevent her illness or death. I plan to continue to care for women in the only way I know how, with care for their well-being and health, no matter the difficult choices they have to make."

Rev Dr Donna Whitney, Pastoral Assistant at Metropolitan Interdenominational Church in Nashville, also spoke in support of women in crisis,” As a pastor, a Christian, and a retired physician, I believe that everyone, wherever she lives, whatever her income, deserves privacy and respect to make important reproductive decisions with the doctors she chooses, with the spiritual advisors of her choice, and with her God. When politicians try to pass laws making abortion illegal and inaccessible, they do not make abortion disappear. They instead make it more dangerous, they make it secretive, and they knowingly, knowingly, put women’s lives at risk.”

Dr. Amy Gordon Bono, Family Practice Physician, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, spoke about the effects of dangerous vigilante legislation in Texas that is similar to proposed legislation in Tennessee, “In the words of one Texas woman harmed by their legislative attack on women’s healthcare, ‘I don’t call any of these people “pro-life”, because I’ve never felt that I didn’t matter - that my life was expendable - as I did in that moment.  Someone is going to die eventually.’”

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