Ninety Six National Historic Site | Revolutionary War Battlefield | South Carolina

On our winter road trip to the Smoky Mountains, we stopped off in South Carolina to visit this Historic Park. We learned so much about battles that we didn't learn in school! Unless you've been in war, we really have no clue the kind of stress these soldiers had to live with daily. Can you imagine going up against one of the biggest armies in the world at that time? The British Royal Navy! And then having your fellow Americans being Loyal to the King of England. We love learning about the past, we feel it better equips us for the Future :) Thanks so much for watching please Like, Subscribe and Share to help support our channel! Filmed December 29, 2021, By Curtis and Melissa | Adventures Are Out There We are an Adventure seeking family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road, being outside, enjoying the beauty and nature God created! His masterpieces are awe inspiring! We love the diversity in landscape and wildlife and food in our country!

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We are a family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road! We love road trips! We love visiting National Parks, National Monuments, Historical Site, State Parks, local restaurants(FOOD!), local shops and so much more!

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