Florida Hummingbird | Hummingbird eating from a Firecracker Bush

Being born and raised in Florida I never saw a hummingbird before till I moved out east. I grew up closer to the west coast of Florida and maybe they were there, and I just never noticed as a child. But since moving inland, I get to see them occasionally eating from our Firecracker bush. They are very skittish little birds. If I'm outside and see them, they take off faster than a NY minute. So, on this day that I filmed this little guy, or girl I was inside my house, gazing upon this most perfect little bird, joyfully eating. It had no idea I was capturing him in the comfort of my own house. See you can have adventures in your own backyard! Filmed July 16, 2022 by Melissa | Adventures Are Out There We are an Adventure seeking family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road, being outside, enjoying the beauty and nature God created! His masterpieces are awe inspiring! We love the diversity in landscape and wildlife and food in our country! Adventures Are Out There, are you?

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We are a family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road! We love road trips! We love visiting National Parks, National Monuments, Historical Site, State Parks, local restaurants(FOOD!), local shops and so much more!

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