Vicksburg National Military Park | Vicksburg, Mississippi | Civil War Battlefield

Day 27 of our Florida to Montana road trip we spent the afternoon in Vicksburg National Military Park. This is a Civil War Battlefield. The Battle at Vicksburg lasted a total of 47 days. May 18 - July 4, 1863. Total deaths are around 3,000 total from both sides. There were over 10,000 wounded and over 5,000 missing. It's a somber time in our nation's past. Just being there, it was hard to imagine a fight going on, on those beautiful green earth worked mounds... Filmed October 7, 2021 By Curtis and Melissa | Adventures Are Out There We are an Adventure seeking family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road, being outside, enjoying the beauty and nature God created! His masterpieces are awe inspiring! We love the diversity in landscape and wildlife, history and food in our country! Please consider subscribing, because ADVENTURES ARE OUT THERE, R U?

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We are a family of 4 who love the FREEDOM of the open road! We love road trips! We love visiting National Parks, National Monuments, Historical Site, State Parks, local restaurants(FOOD!), local shops and so much more!

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