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Los Angeles, CA - You Must Stay Here & These Are The Top Things You Need To Do

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Staying in Los Angeles, California and looking for things to do? In this travel blog, we show you our room at the InterContinental, give our honest opinion about our stay & give you a list of things to do while you are staying in LA too!

Dinner & Drinks At One Of The Tallest Open Air Bars In The Western HemisphereThe Adventure Encounters


As you can probably tell from our video (WATCH IT HERE) & the location of this incredible hotel, it was definitely on the 'High End' range as far as price & luxury. And we think it was worth it... BUT there were a few CONs to staying here... let us explain!

I'll just say these first... THE CONS... because we all know there will be one or two!

  • No free parking - the hotel offers valet-only parking at $54 per day or you can park on the street... but that costs too & is riskier on the street.
  • Daily hotel fee - $34 per day
  • An influx of homeless & decline of cleanliness around the Hotel- Before Covid hit the world, Downtown Los Angeles California was a hot spot for travel & exploration, with an energizing vibe, the minute you entered the city. Unfortunately, like most big cities, that vibe quickly disappeared, and to add insult to injury, rioting took over, plus an influx of homeless people. We travel to Los Angeles often, and since our visit, everything is nearly restored and opened for business again. Unfortunately, the amount of homeless seems to still be a problem & It looked to not be addressed. If anything, it's increased, sadly, and it's put a damper on the vibe & cleanliness surrounding the Hotel.
Executive King Suite With A View Of The City & The Hollywood SignThe Adventure Encounters


  • The hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles California
  • 15 miles from the LA International Airport (LAX)
  • All rooms have incredible views
  • The staff were kind & helpful, especially up in Spire 73 (tallest rooftop open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere)
  • 7 dining/bar options on site (food & drinks were delicious!)
  • Complimentary bottled water gave out at 3 pm in the lobby, daily
  • State of the art gym
  • Sauna & steam room (gender separated)
  • Can see the Hollywood sign from the hotel
  • Free Wifi
  • Pets are allowed
  • Separate lounge area for Club Intercontinental guests (70th Floor)
  • Outdoor Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Surrounded by multiple shops & restaurants
  • Can host weddings & catering within Hotel
  • Built-in 2017 with modern finishes

Now that you have a quick snapshot of the hotel, see our LIST OF THINGS TO DO IN LA


Below are some must-do things in Los Angeles & the surrounding area. No, we haven't had the chance to do all of these suggested items, but my real hope is to help you choose the adventures that best suit you, that are the top-ranked and are things that we personally have on our list to do & check out!


Three of our favorite beach areas to check out, which have a ton of little shops, restaurants and offer a TON of people watching, & we think are a must! (#1 is the closest to the InterContinental Los Angeles, and the other 2 are just a little further).

  1. Santa Monica Pier - One of my personal favorites to explore! I guarantee you have seen this 100+ year old pier in MULTIPLE movies & TV shows! And while you are on the pier, make sure to ride the ferris wheel... trust us, it's worth it!
  2. Venice Beach - this is where you will find the iconic paved boardwalk, alongside the beach, & not to mention the other well-known hot spot called Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach is exactly what the name says... a designated beach area where people tend to work out! It's definitely a GREAT spot (one of our favorites) to do some people-watching! Santa Monic Pier & Venice Beach are about 16 miles from InterContinental Los Angeles.
  3. Laguna Beach - another one of our favorites, but a bit further than the above beach areas, is Laguna Beach. There is something about walking along the cliffside, overlooking the ocean & breathing in that fresh salty breeze.... it's bliss, to say the least. Not to mention, one of our ALL-TIME FAVORITE restaurants is called The Cliff... trust me, this is a MUST! HERE is a Facebook post of the restaurant and what you can expect! 52 miles from InterContinental Los Angeles.


  1. You know us, we are all about the outdoors, & if you are like us, consider a guided hike up near the Griffith Observatory & the Hollywood sign. Yes, you can go at this hike alone, but the guides are full of information, make sure you are on the right path & are happy to snap those Facebook and Instagram-worthy pics! Plus you get a 'skip the line' pass to gain entry into the Griffith Observatory.
  2. At the bottom of the hill (before you drive up to the Griffith Observatory), check out the hike called Fern Dell Nature Trail & the park area. Also, check out the little cafe called The Trails! A great little place to grab a quick bite to eat & drink along your hike.

Both of these areas are only about 7-8 miles away from the InterContinental Los Angeles


Let me reassure you... Los Angeles has no shortage of shopping! Here are a couple of hot spots for you shopaholics, in the heart of the city.

  1. Fig At 7Th (less than 1 mile from InterContinental Los Angeles)
  2. The Blok (less than 1 mile from InterContinental)
  3. Beverly Center (about 8 miles from InterContinental)
  4. Westfield Shopping Center (about 10 miles from InterContinental)


BEST FREE THINGS TO DO IN LA! Obviously, you will need a car for this... but these few drives are well worth it!

  1. Drive-thru Beverly Hills - It honestly doesn't matter where in Beverly Hills that you drive, it's just beautiful! But, if you notice a road or two that takes you uphill...TAKE IT!! The views and the homes are STUNNING!
  2. Mulholland Drive & Scenic Overlook
  3. Drive up to Griffith Observatory
  4. Universal City Overlook

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See you again soon!

-Ashley (Nate & Blake)

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