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If you are looking for things to do in Palm Springs California, but only had a 24-hour window to visit, we got you covered! In this blog, we go over our top picks, and tell you why we think the WORLD'S LARGEST aerial rotating tramway should be #1 on your list!


We had 24 hrs, so we had to be choosy when it came to our time & things to do in Palm Springs California. If we could have changed 2 things, it would be having 2 full days to explore, & staying at a hotel in the heart of the city, like the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs.
One of the retired tram carsAshley Broders/ Adventure Encounters

Here is our suggested list of TOP THINGS TO DO in Palm Springs...

All these suggestions, except for the tram (#1) and #'s 6-8, take place off and around, N Palm Canyon Drive. We suggest searching 'Palm Springs Art Museum' in Google Maps and finding parking in that general area.

#1 Worlds Largest Aerial Rotating Tramway

If you only choose ONE thing to do in Palm Springs California, it needs to be this! If you're curious what to expect, we actually made a full video that you can find on our page.... and it will make since why this is our #1 pick.

What To Expect & A Little Insight

  • The tram is only 6.5 miles away from Downtown Palm Springs, and YES, you can get an Uber/ Lyft to and from the tram, BUT make sure to watch our video before you go.... vital tips to know!!
  • Buy your tickets online (HERE) to avoid long wait times & standing in line
  • Travels over 2.5 miles worth of the Chino Canyon to Mt San Jacinto State Park
  • About a 10-minute ride up to the top and 10 back down
  • Tram and is handicap accessible
  • Tram does close for maintenance periodically, so be sure to check the website HERE to confirm
  • Tickets range from $17 (kids) to $29 (Adults), and there is a $10 fee for parking. There are oversized parking areas for RV's as well
  • Can rent snowshoes & cross-country skis in the wintertime at the Adventure Center at the top of the Mountain

#2 Discover All The Unique Art Pieces & Murals

As you explore Downtown Palm Springs California, you will find multiple incredibly unique pieces of art, like the 26ft Marilyn Monroe statue below.... and not to mention my all-time favorite piece, named Isabelle, tucked away in between a couple of small buildings.
Meet Isabelle! Isn't she unique?!Ashley Broders/ Adventure Encounters

#3 Visit The Palm Springs Art Museum

As you can probably tell, we enjoy poking our heads into the realm of the arts and seeing the creativity of other human beings, and what they design. Sadly, due to covid, the museum was closed when we visited, but I still recommended you check this place out! Double-check the museum schedule HERE and make sure you can get in! And of course, don't miss out on Marilyn... she sticks out, so you really can't miss her!
26ft Tall Marilyn Monroe In Downtown Palm SpringsAshley Broders/ Adventure Encounters

#4 Please Your Taste Buds

After exploring the streets and sidewalks, searching for all the different art pieces, you will work up an appetite... and trust me when I say you might have a tough choice to make. Within a 1 mile radius, you have over 75 restaurants to choose from. Some are very unique and some are your everyday chain restaurants, but more unique restaurants than the latter. Obviously, in 24 hours we couldn't even come close to trying all of these (could you imagine), but we did get dinner at one location, and WOWZA... my mouth is watering just thinking about it! If you are looking for a top-of-the-line restaurant, specifically dinner in our case, check out Kaiser Grille Palm Springs. Maybe the picture of Nate's plate will give you an idea of what you can expect.... don't drool 😜
Dinner At Kaiser's... so good!Ashley Broders/ Adventure Encounters

#5 Go Shopping

This sounds like an odd one and I'll be honest... I HATE SHOPPING, but, I'm not talking about going to the mall! I'm talking about all the tiny shops off N Palm Canyon Drive. This type of shopping I don't mind... because we found ourselves browsing a multitude of items, that I have never seen before! Let's just say you can find some very unique shops with very unique items!

#6 Go Back To The Mesozoic Era In Cabazon

I know what your thinking 🤔 'What did she just say?!'. Haha... for this one & #7, you will have to hop in a car to experience these 'Weird & Whacky' pieces of art. About 18 miles from downtown Palm Springs, right off the freeway, there are a couple of GIANT dinosaurs. HOW TO GET THERE... In Google maps, search 'Cabazon Dinosaurs - World's Biggest Dinosaurs' and you will see what I'm talking about!
One of the 130 life-sized metal sculpturesAshley Broders/ Adventure Encounters

#7 Find 130 Life-sized Metal Art Sculptures In The Galleta Meadows Estates This one is definitely not within walking distance and will also require a car, but so very unique, that it's a must-see! We didn't know these were so close by until one of our friends told us about it! You bet your butt we have added this place to our list! HOW TO GET THERE...In Google maps, search 'Galleta Meadows', and have fun finding these incredibly interesting metal sculptures spread out, on this massive estate!

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See you again soon!

-Ashley (Nate & Blake) from the Adventure Encounters

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