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Florida is FULL of Natural Springs, aka crystal clear waters, but Silver Springs offers one VERY unique thing that the other natural springs won't have... WILD MONKEYS (along with a few extra AMAZING things that you need to know about)!

Ashley passing by a Manatee on the Silver RiverThe Adventure Encounters


Whether you're planning a vacation to Florida, or maybe you live here, and you are looking for things to do or see... Silver Springs Florida State Park should be at the TOP of your list! And no... this isn't your 'average' State Park and I'm about to tell you why in this travel blog!

When you visit Silver Springs, it has something that is EXTREMELY unique, more so than any other state park that you will have visited in the US... WILD MONKEYS! And not to mention, it sits on top of an incredibly clear natural spring that you can see straight to the bottom, but also a few more amazing perks, that I will talk about below!

On our recent Adventure to Silver Springs in Florida, we FINALLY got to see the infamous Wild Monkeys that everyone has been buzzing about! This has been on my personal Adventure Bucket List since we moved down to Florida... that's been since 2014🤦‍♀️. Here's the kicker... we didn't see the Monkeys the traditional way (via hiking or kayaking), we saw them on our jet skis. Talk about making a visit to a unique park, that is much more unique!

A family of Wild Reeses Mackak Monkeys sitting on the shore of the Silver RiverThe Adventure Encounters



I don't necessarily mean in case of danger, but more along the lines of catching a glimpse at all the critters running around... or swimming.... or flying! While we were on our jet skis, we saw a TON of wildlife, but I know we also missed a ton of those critters too. So, make sure your head is on a swivel and be looking all around... especially up in the trees and down below in the water. You never know when you will spot those wild Monkeys or a curious Manatee!


There are actually a couple of reasons why we suggest you visit Silver Springs in the morning...

- The wildlife is more active

- Beat the crowd (especially on the weekends/ holidays

- Go during the week if possible... trust us, it can get insanely busy on the weekends

- Beat the heat (summertime)

- Make certain you can get a kayak/ canoe (there is a limit & cutoff time to launch)

- Beat the '4 pm' weather rain clouds (primarily summertime)


In the 'winter' time, believe it or not, temperatures can get pretty crispy cold in Florida, especially under the forest canopy. So be sure to dress according to the temperatures. That also goes for summertime as well! It will be extremely muggy and the sun will fry you like a lobster if you're not dressed appropriately... trust me... we learned the hard way 😬

(Winter Suggestions)

  • light sweater
  • pants/leggings
  • close-toed shoes
  • sunglasses

(Summer Suggestions)

  • spf shirts & sunscreen
  • flip flops or good water shoes (we like Columbia's water shoes)
  • shorts
  • bug spray (they are like ninjas!)
  • umbrella or poncho (quick torrential downpours do happen!)
  • hag
  • sunglasses

Since we are on a 'suggestions list', here are the items we took with us on our jetski's:

  • spf shirt (we prefer Columbia brands)
  • water shoes you don't care to get wet (if you rent a canoe/kayak, your shoes will get wet... bring a pair of flip flops as backup)
  • gopro (excellent quality for pictures & videos
  • spf chapstick
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • energy bars/ snacks (if you drive in, you can take food into the park, but they also have a restaurant available on sight)
  • 3 waters each (bring more in summertime)
  • dry bag backpack
  • change of clothes (if you rent a canoe/kayak, your butt will get wet, so bring a pair of shorts to change into!)
  • towel (just in case we got wet)

  • DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS (especially the Monkeys & Gators)

Why?? you ask... they are wild and will start to depend on humans to feed them & once the animal gets used to being fed by humans... they will try to approach you and other people, mouths wide open like baby birds... only with extremely large and scary teeth 😱


This was a swimmable spring but they have changed that and sadly this isn't an option at the spring head itself. I'll be honest... after seeing all the alligators in the crystal clear water, ya... I'm not sure I'm ready for that, I'll be keeping all my limbs on my water vessel, at all times haha!


A whopping $2 per person... an excellent price for some amazing entertainment!

Watching a baby Manatee and its mother grassing on the seagrassThe Adventure Encounters


The best and easiest way to get to Silver Springs is to rent a car if you're coming from out of state/country. If renting a car is NOT an option, you can catch an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, but this can get a little expensive depending on the distance.

QUICK TIP: There are 2 entrances - one for the camping areas & the other for the main spring head area

**IF ON A WATER VESSEL - We explain our launch location and how to get to the spring head over to our YouTube video (search Adventure Encounters on YouTube)

Ashley driving her Seadoo up the Silver River to Silver Glenn SpringsThe Adventure Encounters


This is another reason why we suggest visiting Silver Springs... there are SO MANY THINGS TO DO and to keep you entertained for nearly the whole day!

The park generally opens at 8 am and closes at 5:30 pm, and I can't stress this enough... the earlier you get there, the better!

  • Ride in the famous Glass Bottom Boats
  • Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard
  • Check out the Silver River Museum
  • Go on a hike or walk (possibly see the monkeys!)
  • Go camping or glamping! They offer cabins, RV sites, tent sites & primitive campsites
  • Check out the Cracker Village
  • See a CRAZY amount of wildlife (on and off the water)
  • Plan a private event

QUICK TIP: They close the rentals down around noon/1 pm, so get there early if possible to be able to enjoy the spring!

QUICK TIP #2: Check TripAdvisor & Groupon to see if there are any coupons to SAVE SOME MULA on these excursions

QUICK TIP #3: The early bird gets the worm... and see's more active wildlife! So get there early if possible

QUICK TIP #4: The weekends can get SUPER crowded, try going during the week or first thing in the a.m.

QUICK TIP #5: You can bring in your own food but they do have a full-service restaurant on-site

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Thank you for your trust & Happy Adventures!

- Ashley From The Adventure Encounters

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