The Flabby Four of the 2023 March Fatness Bracket

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On Saturday, The "I'm Fat Podcast" announced the Flabby Four in this year's March Fatness Bracket. Listeners were able to vote earlier today on who would advance from the Elite Eight to the Flabby Four. The March Fatness Bracket was pretty strong this year.

The "I'm Fat Podcast" is run by WSCR 670-AM The Score producers Jay Zawaski and Rick Camp. The March Fatness Bracket is the one to pay attention to now because everyone's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets are busted and disgusted. Here is a look at which foods were in the Elite Ate.

The four match-ups in the Elite Ate are listed below.

Value menus vs Apps for dinner

Donuts vs Tacos

Cheese vs Hoodies

Chiky Tendies vs Potatoes of all forms

All eight items are essential items for people that are overweight in order to find their comfort zone. Hoodies was surprisingly in the Elite Ate even though hoodies is the only entrant that is not a food item.

The votes for the Elite Ate match-ups are now in. Here is a look at who reached the Flabby Four.

Appetizers for dinner won over Value menus with 58.6 percent versus 41.4 percent. A person that eats a lot loves variety when they are scarfing down food.

Tacos won over donuts with the largest margin with 67.2 percent versus 32.8 percent. This one was sort of surprising because there is a link between obesity and sleep deprivation. That would mean that obese people would be more prone to eating donuts late at night or in the early morning hours.

Cheese won over hoodies with 61.4 percent versus 38.6 percent. Melted cheese goes great with anything.

Potatoes in all forms won over Chiky Tenders with 58.3 percent versus 41.7 percent.

Be on the lookout on their twitter feed next week to see when you vote on the Flabby Four. From looking at the bracket, the Flabby Four will be Appetizers for Dinner against Tacos and Cheese against Potatoes of all forms.

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