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Miami PD celebrates Black History Month with a new vehicle

Adrian Holman
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In honor of Black History Month, the city of Miami unveiled a new police vehicle on Thursday. The ceremony was held in front of the Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum. Speakers at the event were Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. Take a look at the new police cruiser below in the video.

The customized car wrap has Black History Month on both sides of the vehicle with fists raised in protests along with an outline of the continent of Africa. The back of the vehicle says, "Miami Police Supports Black History Month."

Many people from around the country are voicing their criticism about this new police vehicle. The main criticism is that this ceremony is only performative in nature when no changes have been made to prevent police officers from profiling Black and Latino individuals.

For example, all law enforcement throughout the country uses a database system provided by the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services. In their database, Native Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians are listed as White, while African-Americans are listed as Black. Therefore, whenever statistics are listed in any law enforcement database in regards to traffic stops as 50% White and 50% Black, then Blacks are being pulled over four times more than any other race.

Also, this car should not have been unveiled in Florida because the Stop WOKE Act passed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in April of 2022 was ruled to be constitutional last month by a federal judge.

At the very least, this police vehicle looks better than the one that was unveiled by the Columbus, OH PD on Wednesday.

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