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Last week, I asked all of the people in the state of Illinois that use the NewsBreak app to vote in a poll that would be up for the next seven days. The poll question was, "Do you want cash bail to be eliminated in Illinois?"

The people in the Land of Lincoln responded. At the time of this writing, the poll question received 120 votes. There were 26 yes votes that put the percentage at 21.7%. However, there were 94 votes that voted no to put the percentage of nay votes at 78.3%.

Looking at the statistics from this poll, about four out of five people do not want cash bail to be eliminated from the state of Illinois. The reason why is that we are all taught at a young age that wrong actions bring about consequences with restitution as the form of punishment. Having to pay bail as restitution deters people from committing criminal acts.

Nevertheless, the state of Illinois passed a law in 2021 known as the SAFE-T Act in which cash bail would have been eliminated from Illinois on 1/1/23. The law was so egregiously horrific that amendments were made to the elimination of cash bail last month along with a Kankakee County judge ruling that the elimination of cash bail is unconstitutional based upon the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution along with Article I, Section 9 of the Illinois Constitution.

The county ruling was appealed by the State of Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul to the Illinois Supreme Court. The Illinois Supreme Court will make a final decision in a couple of months. Hopefully, you will share the results of this poll with your local and state representatives so that the correct decision is made in March.

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