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The tale of Sophia Rosing

Adrian Holman

The biOne of the biggest viral videos from last month was the video of former University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing. The reason why Rosing will not be receiving her Bach elor' 's ''' '''degree from the SEC Colcollege in Lexington is due to her saying racial slurs to another student while she was in a drunken stupor.

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The video set off a cauldron of responses on the internet. Fortunately, the Karen-in-waiting was permanently banned from campus by the University of Kentucky. She actually bit the police officer when she was arrested. Fortunately, the police officer did not contract rabies from the bite.

At this time, Rosing is back home with her parents while she waits to find out whether or not she will be indicted by a Fayette County grand jury. The grand jury trial has not happened as of this current posting.

Since she did this in a public setting, then she must accept the consequences and shame for her unlawful deeds. Humiliation will be added on below from this poem.

Ode to Sophia Rosing

One night of mistakes led to her future being unlucky.

Due to her actions, she was kicked out of Kentucky.

She had connections with future elitists within her sorority,

So it's no surprise that she would attempt to demean minorities.

Drinking too much led to her exposing her true inhibitions.

The patterns of her parents and her grandparents within her heart were released in a racist exhibition.

Since she was acting like a fool,

She was kicked out of school.

Being drunk and racist on that night are two facts.

Don't feel sorry for her though because she will probably be hired to be an intern at Newsmax.

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