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Nostalgic photo from Little Rock released to the public

Adrian Holman

When we go through our social media feeds each and every day, we will run across a post that someone puts up that reminds us of the good times in the past. Usually, the post will be a quote from a famous person or philosopher in which that particular quote resonates with something that we are going through right now. Sometimes the post will be a photo of a person when he or she was on vacation.
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From time to time, a nostalgic photo will be released on the web that is so shocking that it can change our viewpoint about a person or about how things are viewed from a cultural standpoint. This nostalgic photo below from Little Rock was much more than a pebble making a small ripple in a creek.

The photo above is from an event that occurred at a North Little Rock school in 1957. During this time period, the state of Arkansas was attempting to integrate schooling after the Brown vs The Board of Education ruling from the Supreme Court. In the photo, a young Jerry Jones was there attempting to block Black students from obtaining an education 65 years ago.

Jones is currently the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and is one of the most influential owners in the NFL today. However, he has remained at the forefront of attempting to thwart the progress of African-Americans within the USA. As an example, there are only two Black head coaches in the NFL even though 70% of the players are Black. That disparity has been ongoing ever since he has been owner of the Cowboys since 1989.

Also, the Texas freeze in 2021 shows that his demeanor towards preying upon the unfortunate has not changed over the past 65 years. During that freeze in which millions of Texas residents lost power, Jones gas company gouged the entire state by raising gas prices. During that time, Texas residents had to use generators to stay warm that run with gas. Instead of helping people, he exploited them.

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