Cochise County refuses to certify 2022 midterm election results

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All of the votes from the 2022 midterm elections have been tabulated throughout the entire United States of America. However, a small county in Arizona is seeking to undermine the entire democratic process within the USA. Officials in Cochise County have refused to certify the midterm election results from earlier this month. Cochise County will have until Monday, December 5 to certify the final tally.
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The officials at Cochise County are holding up the certification because every Republican that they were backing in the November election did not win within the state of Arizona. If they do not certify the votes from the citizens of Cochise County by next Monday, then all of those votes will not count towards the official final count within the state of Arizona.

Within a democracy and a republic like the United States of America, the person that ends up with the most votes win. We do not pick up our ball and go home just because things did not go our way. Instead of blaming the citizens for not choosing to vote the way the Cochise County officials wanted for them to vote, the better option would be to find another person to support when the next election comes around.

The main claim that the officials at Cochise County made as to why they will not certify the vote is that the different voting machines did not tabulate the votes correctly. However, each county was required to test the voting machines before the 2022 General Election. Nevertheless, a citizen from the county has her own theory to what really happened to the votes.

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