Go to the grocery store on 9/15/22

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If you do not have food stocked up at home right now, then you will need to go to your local grocery store on Thursday September 15th. The reason why you will need to have some food stashed is that the railroad workers throughout the USA plan to go on strike on Friday September 16th.

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The country just avoided going into a recession by lowering inflation and by keeping the supply chain going. Inflation was on its way down after going from 8.52% in July to 8.26% in August. The trend of inflation going down was right on time for consumers as prices would continue to go down before the big Christmas rush. Also, the supply chain issues are now twice as less as they were in December 2021.

However, this potential strike could throw things all out of sorts for the United States of America. Gas prices would go back up again because the oil that is normally sent via freight from refineries to gas stations would be cut off. To counteract the low supply of gas, the average price of gas could go back to $5 per gallon like how it was this summer.

Large quantities of food is sent via freight. When crops are harvested, they are sent quickly via freight in order to ensure that the food does not spoil. That means that we will have empty aisles in grocery stores once again like how it was in 2020 and in 2021.

To give you a statistical sense of how important railroad transportation is to the fabric of this nation, 30% of consumer goods and 75% of new vehicles are moved via freight. Prices on everything could skyrocket.

I am definitely going to the grocery store tomorrow. I am warning you to do the same. Choose to be like the ant instead of like the grasshopper. Go to the grocery store tomorrow because I do not want you to starve to death this fall.

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