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Memorial Day ceremony in Crest Hill

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The City of Crest Hill will be holding their 34th annual Memorial Day Ceremony tomorrow at 2 PM CST at the Veteran's/Police Memorial Garden located at the City of Crest Hill office building. The ceremony is held there every Memorial Day in order to pay respects to the war veterans and to the police officers that have died in the line of duty.
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Chairs will be set up for the event, but you will be able to bring your own lawn chair if you want to be more comfortable during the proceedings. You will want to stay for the entire ceremony because refreshments will be served afterwards.

During the ceremony, music will be played by the Frankfort Brass Band. The Frankfort Brass Band was founded way back in 1897, but they disbanded around the time of the Great Depression. However, the Frankfort Brass Band was restarted in 2005. The music is patriotic and somber so that attendees will be able to properly reflect upon Memorial Day.

There will be two speakers for the event: World War II veteran Donald Lawler and World War II and Korean War veteran Chester Bozek. Both currently reside in Crest Hill. Lawler served in the US Air Force during his time at WWII, while Bozek served in the US Navy during WWII and then switched over to the US Army for the Korean War.

Listening to these two men will be vital at this Memorial Day ceremony because there are not too many World War II and Korean War veterans still living at this time. The veterans that served in WWII would be in their nineties because World War II started in 1939. At this time, around 240,000 WWII veterans are alive.

The City of Crest Hill building is located at 1610 Plainfield Road. If there is inclement weather, then the ceremony will be moved to St. Ambrose Church Hall at 1711 Burry Circle.

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