New release "Signora" from local artist Laurentis

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San Luis Obispo's local artist Laurentis has released his new single titled "Signora." Signora is a spin on a revered classic in the Latino community.

The serenade was originally released back in 1970 by Juan Manuel Serrat and was called "Senora." The song was then adapted into Italian in 1973 and was sung by Mia Martini under the title "Signora." Senora in Spanish and Signora in Italian have the same meaning in English of a lady. The term can be used for a married woman or for a single woman.
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For this new track, Laurentis utilized his creative genius in order to bring about a masterpiece. The words of the song are adapted to English. The tempo of the song in comparison to the original was slowed down so that the song sounds like a true ballad. Adding the drums to blend in with the guitar makes this song sound like an Indie R&B track that transcends any music genre.

Laurentis explains how he was inspired to re-create a classic with his own interpretation.

When I wrote the track, I closed my laptop and turned off all the lights while just sitting in my bedroom floor with my guitar like I used to back in high school. The little voice memo I recorded on my phone I sampled, and that became the base for the track playing over the intro and the hook. It felt like the song wrote itself after that. I think I had all the main elements fairly quickly, though I spent several hours debating over different kicks and snares and a few of the other details.

Perfection can only be achieved by practice. Laurentis has put in the necessary time in order to make this song so transcendent. This is the type of mellow song that you can listen to on Cinco de Mayo before you go out partying.

If you would like to book Laurentis for this summer, then do not hesitate to contact his agent at

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