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DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rakim to perform at The Forge tomorrow

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Two of the biggest hip-hop icons that helped to push rap music into the mainstream over thirty years ago will be performing at The Forge on Friday, April 8th at 10 PM CST. I do not know how The Forge pulled this off, but DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rakim will be performing tomorrow night in Joliet, IL.
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DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the top five most influential DJ's in rap history. He was the DJ for the Fresh Prince, who we all know is Will Smith. Back in 1988, their album "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" was first-ever double album in rap history. DJ Jazzy Jeff's production style was so innovative at the time because he integrated and looped in music from many different genres.

At the beginning of rap in the 1980's, disc jockeys normally used loops from funk, soul, and R&B. DJ Jazzy Jeff went outside of the box on this album by also using loops from jazz and classic rock. For example, the biggest hit on this album was "Parents Just Don't Understand" where Jazzy Jeff used a loop from "Won't You Be My Friend" by George Frampton.

Rakim is revered as one of the most lyrical rappers of all time. Nobody was ever dumb enough to battle Rakim in regards to lyrics because he was so far ahead of everyone in the late 1980's. When it comes to rap flow and metaphors, then just about every rapper copied Rakim. If "Microphone Fiend" is not in your top 50 raps ever, then you are not fan of real hip-hop.

Be sure to relive the nostalgia once again Friday night at The Forge.

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