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School in Chicago is temporarily cancelled

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Earlier this week, the city of Chicago started a mandate that a person would have to show verifiable proof of the current medical status before entering a restaurant, a gym, a bar, a movie theater, or any other public indoor space. Using common sense, one would know that the city would not be prepared for the ramifications that the mandate would cause.
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For the second day in a row, all Chicago Public Schools will be cancelled on Thursday after the Chicago Teachers Union decided that they wanted to teach remotely instead of jeopardizing the health of millions of children at the start of 2022.

Instead of being allowed to teach the children from home on Wednesday, the city of Chicago shut down the teachers' access to their Google classroom portal.

Not having classes means that the children will be at a disadvantage in regards to education. The city of Chicago is already rated as one of the worst public school systems in the USA with only 25% of elementary students having above average proficiency in reading and with only 21% proficiency in mathematics.

One of the primary reasons that violence is executed at a high level throughout the city of Chicago because millions of children throughout the city graduate every year without any proficiency in basic education skills. Remember that "...people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge." The lack of knowledge leads to many people making the wrong decisions all throughout the city of Chicago.

The mandate was put into place because hospitalizations are rising all throughout the city. However, the lack of preparation has made the situation even worse.

Hopefully, this mandate will be temporary like the previous mandates have been in the past because a future mandate could become permanent.

Hannes Sjoblad is the Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter in Sweden. His idea is to take your medical information and to have that data placed into your arm via an implanted microchip. With this technology, no man would be able to buy or sell without having this mark embedded within his or her body. That sort of sounds familiar. Please take safety precautions now so that people will not be forcing you in the future to have metal implanted into your arm.

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