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Last month, the rock singer CrushedVelvet from the Boston area released her first-ever EP titled "Better Late Than Never" on Spotify. The title of the EP is poignant of her arduous road as an indie rock songstress playing gigs for over two decades and not receiving a deal from a major record label. Please take a moment to listen to the EP in the above link.

The name CrushedVelvet is so relevant to life in general because we need to remain delicate during times when we are under pressure. Responding under pressure is what causes a person to be unique and to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Another reason as to why her singing moniker came about is given in this exclusive interview below.
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Q: How did you come up with the name CrushedVelvet?

A: "CrushedVelvet is the name of my very first band - which I’m the only surviving member. We were all dancers or visual artists at the time and the name reflected what we felt. Something beautiful (our art) that came to be through being distress as that is how the fabric is created. So I kinda keep the name in remembrance of that time in my life and hold a place for some really talented people who never got the chance to live their dreams."

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: "My musical influences run the gamut from Big Mama Thornton to Jane’s Addiction. I started out as a punk bassist, but the thing was too d... heavy so I switched up to guitar. But dad was in The Navy and he had all of these old bootleg reel to reels with people like Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Nancy Wilson, and then a bunch of weird British bands. But my taste was always Rock. Vocally and lyrically, I was inspired by Nina Simone and Patsy Cline. But you can’t help but hear Tom Petty’s influence. He said so much with so little words, that’s how I write."

Q: In the first song on the EP, which is called "Release Me," you sing in the chorus "Release me from your love." This song could be an anthem for the #MeToo movement because too many men stalk women. How have you dealt with stalkers in the past because this answer could help a woman that is currently trapped in an uncomfortable relationship?

A: "My life is the #MeToo movement. I’m way older than I look and the reason this EP is called Better Late Than Never is because I got dropped by my label because I wouldn’t screw my A&R guy. 2 of those songs were supposed to be released decades ago, but every single encounter I’ve had with the industry revolved around sex. In my personal life, I don’t have stalkers because I scare the h... out of men and personally I think that’s a good thing. But one of the main reason this EP is out is to say to young women trying to break in, you don’t have to let yourself be exploited. Walk the f... away. Nothing is worth your self respect. I know far too many casualties of this industry."

Q: Was it your intent for your songs on this EP to have a classic rock feel?

A: "This EP has a classic rock vibe cause I’m a classic lol. Anthem & If You Break Her Heart were recorded in analog back in the day and were remixed and remastered by Mike Davidson more recently. Good songs hold up. I write all the time and I’m about to go back into the studio to record Message From The War Zone, but I felt that I needed to put these songs out first as a way of coming to terms with all the s... I’ve had to deal with in this horrible industry."

Q: How has the EP been received by the listeners so far?

A: "For the people who’ve listen to it, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, but getting heard is always the issue, isn’t it. Especially if you’re not playing out live. Also I’m in a war with Spotify - which I hate, and I’m about to take down my tracks from that platform. I remain positive, but I’m also focusing on getting back in the studio."

Q: Have you received any feedback from any record labels after the EP released?

A: "Record labels aren’t really interested in me and I’m fine with that. Now, I could use some funding, but I’m not doing this because I have delusions of fame & fortune. I make music because if I don’t, I’m incomplete."

Q: Do you have any gigs coming in the near future?

A: "I’m waiting to play out in the spring. I’ve had Covid twice and then dealt with long haul symptoms for 18 months so although I’m boosted, I'm very hesitant to play in small closed rooms. I do livestream on a couple of platforms acoustically, but as a full on band, that will have to wait."

Venues around the Boston area now have three months to get in contact with her so that she can have some gigs for 2022. To contact CrushedVelvet, you can reach out to her agent by clicking on this link.

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