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Annual Open House this weekend

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Countryside Village Gifts will be holding their annual fall open house at their store in Braidwood, IL this weekend. The open house will take place Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th from 9 AM CST until 4 PM CST.

Countryside Village Gifts is very easy to find. The store is right off of Interstate 55 and Illinois Route 113.

The festivities kick off on Saturday with a pop-up market set up in the morning between 9 AM CST and 2 PM CST. All different kinds of vendors will be outside for the fall sidewalk sale for the five hours. Fortunately, the weather will cooperate because the forecast is sunny without a cloud in the sky for both days this weekend.

The vendors that will be selling their wares for the Fall Sidewalk Sale are artisans and crafters that create various crafts that you can buy that will make your home more decorative this autumn. How ironic that this craft sale is located in Braidwood because you will be able to buy some items that are carved out of wood. These items could make the decor in your home look better than what is displayed on HGTV.

With all of this shopping going on, consumers will be famished. That explains why a food truck will also be outside of Countryside Village Gifts. The food truck will be a good one with Lil' Deb's Food Truck being at the event. The main entrees that will be offered are Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef.

If you are a foodie, then you definitely will need to try a Chicago-style hot dog because of all of the toppings that is placed on a Chicago-style hot dog. The hot dog is topped with relish, onions, mustard, tomato wedges, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt. The hot dog will look like the one in the above flyer.

What makes the Chicago-style hot dog so great is that no ketchup goes on that hot dog. Ketchup is great for hamburgers and for french fries, but ketchup takes away from the taste of a hot dog. The last time that you should have put ketchup on a hot dog was when you were about five years old.

After eating some good food, you must have some beverages to wash it down. On both days, Countryside Village Gifts will be holding wine tastings.

Although Countryside Village Gifts is nestled in the middle of nowhere, they do carry an impressive amount of wines. They boast to have over 100 different types of wines. They carry brands from the Midwest like Lynfred, St. James, and St. Julian. They also carry brands from other wineries throughout the USA and also imported wines from all over the globe.

Once you are a little bit tipsy after the wine tasting, you will need some time to sober up by checking out what is inside the store at Countryside Village Gifts. Besides the wine, Countryside sells all sorts of food items like preserves, soups, desserts, and sauces. The food sold there is reminiscent of what is sold at Cracker Barrel.

Also, they sell all sorts of home decor. Plus, they will be running a 30% sale off of all Halloween and fall decorations. Buy some decorations now so that you will have a couple of weeks to have your home looking nice before all of your friends trash your house during the Halloween party.

The home decorations that they sell could also be used as gifts for your loved ones for Christmas. Since the supply chain is backed up on the Pacific Ocean, these knick-knacks are perfect stocking-stuffers for 2021.

Countryside Village Gifts is located at 1540 N. Division Street in Braidwood, IL. For more information, you can check out their website.

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